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I started when I was a baby. We had pets of all kinds. My mom before I was born had mice and hamsters which she loved but quickly became while prego with me allergic to them. They tryed after words but it was the same. Although Rabbits. G-pigs and she was opk with but rats were touch and go she can be around my hairlessly ones more so and have no prblems then my haired ones which in an hour she starts to have breathing prblems mice and hamsters with in 10 mins. But out in the open like outside she can hold them and be around them longer.
We always had rabbits mom and dad raised them at one time for food for them and they were the butcher rabbits not that they like doing that but it was cheeper at the time for them plus deer hunting. Although there were the pets rabbits we had and after a while dad got more sick then anything having to do rabbits as food so we got into rasin them floppys, and regualer all patched rabbits. then we got some Flemish Giaints the huge rabbits from a breeder I think in Ohio or some were around there and then we got into rexes and siames from some were in Texas. which were shipped in. That was a blast the rabbit were 5 each that were the mixed as in no telling what they were. the rexs were 10 w/o papers 15 with same with the Giants. Then i breed my big male giant who was a runt small with my female floopy rex and got a wild looking baby who I called wild breed her with a curly coated albino rablit half floppy from my mixed line (thins is all when I got older and the older rabbits did as well and we only had the mixes left and were getting out of breeding.) But my last one died in 2002 and he was 10 or a little older. HE was my last full siames that we had.
But inbetween then I had gotten a G-pigs that lasted 3 months from a pet shop and she keep getting sick she was not bigger then a large male rat and we were told she was 3 months old but then we didnt know. Now I know she was proably just weened or not old enogh. we finnially had to put her down. She was cream and chocolet and her name was Lisa.
After that which I was about 10 around 12 or 14 I say I was 14 my mom said it was when I was 12 I got sandy my 1st cream rat. She was from our bait lady my parents ordered bait from she riased them for pet, food and bait. They were all kept out side like rabbits. But they were all frinedly and nice. the ones she keep as pets were in a back room nastly looking but at lest it had some heat. BUt after being in the house just in my room 1 rat mom was having trouble breathing again so during the summer she was out in the gradge and that winter we tryed her in the bacement becuase its more ventilated but that didnt work so dad would always be out in the gradge and have the heat on and propain leave a little prpain heater turned on for her to take the chill off. although she didnt really live that long I had her the late part of the summer and insted of winter i should say fall weather is when she devloped cancer and passed quickly before we could take her to the vet. with in what seemed over night her tumor grew to the size of a gold ball. Then the next summer we went to the pet shop and got another rat a little albino who made it 3 weeks and started sounding bad. his nose ran his eyes almost like a little kids nose runs think with snot when they have a bad cold. that rat we took in to our vet and before we got there he passed his name was snow fire. he was an adult though acording to the petshop that at the time was in st marys but they went out long ago. He started to show symtops right before he passed. mom and dad gotten me an air filter thing for my room so I could keep the rat inside and the only time I was to have it out of my room was to go outside with him. She didnt have a problem whith snow fire when we got the air filter purifier thingy.
Then we got a huge Black Rat named Ben. He was all black except of a dot on his chest it was a perfect roung dot. I know now he was a very unique English Irish but he came to us at 2 years of age and lived about another 2 years.It was my brother rat but was not. When he was in the sirvouse, his roomie had a pet rat and had it for a year they were not in the same unit so when he went on manervers and stuff or on vacation but could not take it with him my brother would care for it. Plus there were a couple people in the staff that looked after Ben if they were both not there. well on one of the manevers his buddy didnt come back. there had been an asodent and he inherited the rat. Almost a year later my Brother went to Koria and we got the rat when he came home before they moved out he was based in N Car. and drove home for vacation before they moved out also this was aroound the time my aunt had brest cancer and she was given so long to live so he was permited 2 week pass visit. becauase when they get called out they have to go.
He lived like I said about 2 more years with us maybe close to 3 and to this day I dont have a pic of him. my mom might but I dont it my photos. he just passed when we were all sleeping but he was the only rat that i could have around my mom and she didnt have to much a problem with. Like the ones i have know not to much a problem with after while she dose but not like the mice and hammies still do. This rat was huge like a cockerspanial puppy ready to leave huge. he is the only rat I still have ever seem besides sewer rats that were big. After that I didnt want any more rats till 2008 when I meet my beloved Garth who is now passed. Then I got addicted to rats. this year I got back in to G-pigs becuase my other half loves them and it was a while before I had them sice Lisa and we had magee who I dont know who old he was and then got 2 more a long haired male as a cage mate for magee and gave the other to some friends who recently lost theres becuase him and magee fought. then I contacted a breeder and got some girls who are plumped up and due end of december/ 1 of january they look like they will be depends when they did the nasty. never see them breed thought. Mice my other half loves and dwarf hammies so he wanted to get back into them and I never had them before. but they are so presouse I love them. Then we took in a gerbil that no one wanted a little agouti names sam who was old and looked blind his eyes were glossy and lives for about a month and we decited that eventually we'ed get some more some time. So this year We got ahold of a breeder and my friends got some and we tryed breeding but she finailly after almost a year sends me the papers which no wonder i had a hard time they were supose to be mated breeding pares and come to find out half were brother and sister and so related that no wonder the babies keep dieing. A few were cousints and 2 were old so I think that had a facter in there the cousint did fine and I know there is line breeidng but I think they were to line breed. Then word of mouth got somo more form an older lady who could not care for all the young ones she had left but wanted to keep the old bitties like her who were a little slower and she sold all the rest but only had a few left so I got them and their papers. And 2 from a pet store.
Then comes the Ferrets I got my 1st 2 in 2001 the year I graduated as a chirstmas gift and I have wanted them since I 1st got sandy my rat. 2 marshall Ferrets from NY State We names them Podoe and Kodoe after hte beast masters 2. They were girld, then in Phillibsberge we bough a sick male that was the only one that seemed healthyest becuase the pet shop got in sick ferrets from a marshall breeder and they were all in the back room being treated he was the only one that was attually doing well. the store owner was carring him when I saw him. We called him Darr. My dad talked to him and we took him and the meds and I was shown how to give them. 2 weeks later full recovery. He lived till 2007 and he was 7 and Podoe lived to 2008 she was 8. Kodoe her sister made to 5. Then this summer the neighbor next to my moms didnt have time for his 2 that is sister use to have which i knew and had ferret play dates with gave them to me. The one had a bump on its tale and did since she had him. one day we came home about 3 weeks after we got him and he was gone. but he never acted funny was bouncey that morrning before we left and was playing with all the rest and us. They get mornign and eveaning run time. which after words looks a tornat hit my house. one is 3 hes a cinnimon I think with dark ruby eyes, he has 2 patches over his eyes not a mask. the other is 4 hes all white a DEW the other looks like the cinnimon but yet a siames with I think also dark Ruby eyes the siames and cinns pic along with them mathed up look close to both. He is about 5 or 6 But there little stinkers. The next time I see his mom I'll have to ask her fro shure. I know the one that did pass was 7 going on 8 that one i know becuase she got her 2nd one shortly before she moved in to this area from New Jerssy and he was still small.
SO I guess its just these little rodents or critters poped into my life with a look of take me home or inherited, rescued and droped off and I studyed up on the ones i didnt know furthered my self on the ones i did and I'm know as the Rat lady in my area or the Rodent Lady. I have growing up took in stray, rescues or we got droped off dogs cats and other things that were unwanted to like I said drop offs. So I guess you could say I am into them some more so then others as in after they are gone I dont want no more. But I supose its we came acost one anothers path and they chose me as their pet rodent insted. lol they all have me trained just the way they want. LOL

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I think you are in the wrong place buddy.
You are the weirdest cat I ever seen.
Now matter how big or small wierd or normal we or animals may be we can learn to love and get along and love is what makes it all worth wild. Becuase Beautie is in the eye of the beholder an no one is ugly or more prettyer then anything eals we are all equal. There are some ugly people and things but that is becuase man kind makes them this way do to thier actions.
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I knew I wanted a small animal and after doing a few months of research, the decision was made. Rats! I would have never guessed it from the start.

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Rabbits and ferrets are not rodents.

* Lisa *

* To the world you are ONE person,but to a rat you are the world *

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* It's a rat wouldn't understand! *
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i took in 4 boys because s friend had a litter and couldnt keep them, the other 4 ended up needing a home as well when the initial person who wanted them backed out so i took them in as well. love at first ratty kiss. got 5 boys and 3 girls that i have had for a month and a half now. love them to bits.
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