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Flag My Gerbil's teeth are broken

Help, my gerbil, Rosey has broken her teeth and cannot chew, can a gerbil survive without their natural instinct to teeth?????? What do I use for food? Will it cause any negative characteristics or behaviors in the Gerbil. Can anyone help me with this. I feel so bad, and she is only 6months old.
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How did your gerbil break her teeth? Are you sure she cannot chew?

Well, for awhile, you may have to hand-feed her -- a rodent breeder could probably tell you better than I how to do this and what to give her. I have heard that some people have success crushing up their food -- giving unshelled seeds and such and soft fruits such as banana.

The good part is that her teeth are regenative. they grow throughout her life and eventually she will be able to eat on her own again assuming they fell out due to injury.
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Well thank you, you just answered my question. I was looking for the answer, "they will grow back". My Gerbil was the victim of an accident when my 4yr old paniced, thought she was going to get out of the play wooden box (with lid) that we use to let her play while I'm cleaning her cage. He dropped the lid on her head. She bled alot. I quickly cleaned her up, applied ice to the nose and left eye region and took her to the hospital. They said they could do X-ray but it would be useless because there really isn't anything you can do. The Vet said her teeth were okay but while giving atibiotics I have been able to take a closer look and noticed her bottom teeth are chipped straight across leaving her unable to nibble on the food. I've been giving her peas ( I peel them for her) cooked carrots, cooked corn and I boil the nuts to soften them. She likes the peas mostly but I'm not sure what a rounded gerbil diet consists of? Oh, she'll eat oats too.
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