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Hi. My son has three cornsnakes. Two days ago, he woke up to one of them(Passion) lying there with her mouth open. She would writhe around for a bit, almost like she was trying to bite herself...and then all of a sudden she was fine. Yesterday we woke up and she had died. I'm just wondering if anyone knows why, or what could have happened. He's been a very responsible snake owner for almost two years. Feeds them all, makes sure they have water, gives them bathes and cleans their cages...he's really worried something he has done wrong killed passion and I would like to be able to reassure him.

Thanks for your time!

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the only thing i can think is maybe he ate something he shouldn't have and was trying to puke it back up.... I personaly would have dicected him after death to see what was in his stomach.....but I'm sure that is too painful for your son to see... I've heard of them eating the bedding rare but does happen..... My brother was a pre teen when he got his snake and he forgot to feed him sometimes he ran out of water and then he got bored and gave the snake to me... he was abused and is still alive very healthy and we've had him for ten years. he was a couple years old when my brother got him..... So the snake you all had must've been sick when you bought him or ate something that got stuck..
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She was a trade- 2 ferrets/cage for her and tank. She's also our newest addition, had her about 8 months.

Well, I know we prob will not ever know, I just thought maybe someone on here may have had a similiar experience. My luck, no one else has ever seen it!

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Will It Ever Change?
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I'm sorry I've no experience with corn snakes. however i do feel that you did nothing wrong. sometimes these things just happen. let him know that he has done/is doing well and i know someone will be along eventually that can help more

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude." - Amy Tan
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I don't know what happened, I'm sorry.

I did have a similar experience before though. My brother had found a small wild cought rat snake and was keeping it - one day he was holding it and it started writheing around in a weird way so he put it back in the cage - like 5 mins later it had died. He only had it a few days - we were thinking maybe it was some kind of internal damage or something that it had eaten before he got it because he had only had it like 2 or 3 days. We're not sure though.

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Wow there is really no telling what happened. I'm pretty positive it isn't your son's fault though. It might have accidentally ingested some mulch or any number of things could have happened.

I recommend taking the other snakes to the vet though just to get them checked out. It's a good opportunity to give them a checkup too if you've never taken them.

Of course, I can't criticize anyone for not taking their reptiles to the vet because I've never taken my python to a vet either (insert shameful look here).
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You guys have been great. Thanks for the positive notes!
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Also, just FYI, Nathan I think is realizing it wasn't his fault. He loves his animals and wants to be Crocodile Hunter 2 someday! One of the hardest things with my kids, is watching them learn about loss. SUCKS!

Thanks to all again!
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corn snake, corn snakes

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