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i have 2 bullboxers a 3 month and a 1 and a half the 1 1/2 has a cough that will not go away it seems to be about 1 week i have also seen him eating grass i haved looked at his gums to see if they are white and not pink they are pink and he has had his parvo shot it has be about 8 months now i have seen him eatting his dog food thanks for any help on this
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You should take him to the vet.
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i was going to take him when i get payed again thanks for the info
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It could be kennel cough, has he had a Bordatella vaccine? They have also had on the news in the past few months stories of a new type of dog flu that starts off with the same symptoms as kennel cough but it is much more devastating and it is contageous. You may want to separate the younger one from the older one until you can get to the vets. It could also be an injury to the throat that can happen from pulling on a leash or it could be something stuck in the throat or esophagus.
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i dont think it is due to his leash i have one that goes over the head and around the front sholders i should stop throat injurys i am thinking that it may be going more to the kennel cough. if it was some thing in the throat would it not go down the throat when eating or drinking? i prey it is not dog flu. i will seperate the pup thanks for the info
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Get the puppy into the vet as well. At 3 months he/she should be able to get his/her first Bordetella vaccine. Nothing is worse than having two dogs with Kennel Cough giving it back and forth to each other. Been there, done that and didn't sleep for a month due to all the coughing!
If it's indeed Kennel Cough, your vet should be able to give an antibiotic as well as a cough suppressant. Do not give over the counter cough medicines to your dog without discussing it with your vet first. Let us know how it goes
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