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African Clawed Frog help

I just got a froglet from Grow a Frog about a week ago. The first few days he was fine, but then I noticed an increasing bulge on the left side of his belly. I saw that he sometimes looked like he was eating the sand that came with the kit but I could not tell for sure if he was actually swallowing any of it. Then the bulge got very large and he looked like he was so heavy he was having troubles swimming. I removed all of the sand to see if that was the problem and I saw teh he began to pass the sand. He kept eating it again so I would try to get it out before he could ge to it again. He has not passed any sand in the last day or so but the lump in his stomach is still there. Sometimes it shrinks and sometimes it gets pretty big. He seems happy and has no troubles swimming now and is eating fine. Does anyone know what this might be and what i should do?

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I had a similar problem with my 5-year old ACF last winter.
The only amphibian-experienced vet in my area was out of town, so I had to see what I could do on my own. I consulted a herpetology website and based on that, I raised the temp in the aquarium a couple of degrees and fed a largish meal to boost metabolism and stimulate gut movement. It did work in my case, but it could have been a disaster if she'd been unable to pass the impaction. If you have an amphibian vet, that's always the best option**. By the time my vet got back into town in order to give her a checkup, he said she was back to normal.

I would say that if your frog is that inclined to eat sand, perhaps keep him/her in a tank without substrate until s/he's a bit bigger. If the sand eating is secondary to feeding (i.e., while pulling food in the mouth sand is also pulled in) perhaps you could switch to a non-sinking food to alleviate the problem.

** Disclaimer: Any approach I took during my frog's impaction was undertaken because my vet was out of town.. I am simply stating what I did. It is not a treatment. If you want true treatment, please seek veterinary advice.
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