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African Dwarf Frogs... New Owner! :)

Hey all,

I received some African Dwarf frogs as a "gift"... it's by a childrens' company (Wild Creations), which sells 2 ADFs, 1 freshwater snail, 1 bamboo plant, and something called "Living Gravel" - all in a TINY tank, probably 5 inches x 5 inches... it was horrible! So cruel.

Knowing nothing about ADFs, I did a ton of research. I realized that not only was the cage totally wrong in size, they were being fed the wrong things, were fighting each other often because they were actually "on top of the other", etc. It was very sad.

Today, I went out and bought a 5.5 gallon tank... instead of using gravel, we are using river rocks as I read that ADFs can swallow the gravel. The water temp is about 75ish.

I bought dried bloodworms, gave them a couple pinches today and they ate them like they were starving. The company said they were only supposed to have 2 pellets, per frog - twice a week.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I read that they don't really need a filter, so I didn't buy one. Do I need a heater? Being summer, it's quite warm out and we don't have AC.

Oh, and how often should I feed them?

Thanks so much!
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Poor little guys! I'm glad they ended up with someone who cares about them.

They don't technically need a filter but they require a stable environment which is much easier to achieve when you have one. If you do get a filter, get one that doesn't put out much of a current (a sponge filter would work). Adding some hardy live plants such as java ferns will also keep things more stable . Either way, test the water daily until the tank cycles--watch out for ammonia and/or nitrite spikes. If you can't afford a test kit, ask a pet store to test the water for you. If you don't use a filter, make absolutely sure you can keep up with water changes.

Since it's summer, you can probably get away without a heater. But you'll need one if it gets any cooler.

I usually fed mine three times a week. Speaking of feeding, the freeze-dried bloodworms are more of a treat and shouldn't be the main diet. They don't offer many nutrients. Instead, try feeding frozen or live bloodworms. Some other foods you can feed are chopped up/tiny earthworms, live blackworms, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and frozen krill. I feel it's best to offer a variety of foods to ensure that the frogs get proper nutrition .

Congratulations on your new pets and welcome to Paw-Talk, by the way!


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african dwarf frogs

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