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anorexic betta?

I just got a betta fish about a week and a half ago
and he seems pretty happy and he swims around and lets me pet his tail and he even makes bubble nests!

But he hasn't been eating his food! I got him the Top Fin color enhancing betta bits, and if he does try to eat them, he spits them back out!
I also got him freeze dried bloodworms which he loves. Can i just feed him those everyday instead of the pellets? or is that not healthy?
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I feed my bettas bloodworms, but not all the time. If you can get the frozen ones, those are better then the freeze dried ones. I think they're easier for them to digest or something.

I've heard that bloodworms are high in protien and should only be fed once in awhile. (like once a week or so)

Other foods your betta might like are brine shrimp, other types of worms other then bloodworms, daphnia, and other types of pellet or flaked foods.

I think it's best to mix their food up and don't always feed the same things, so they can get the diffrent benefits from each of the diffrent foods.

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I would try HBH Betta Bites and/or Hikari Betta Bio-Gold...most bettas won't turn those down .

It's very possible that the pellets are too big so you could try crushing them a bit. I don't know how small they are (I'm not a big fan of that brand).

No, you can't just feed freeze dried bloodworms. They aren't very healthy for bettas and tend to cause problems like bloat. Freeze dried foods are meant more for treats rather then a staple . Frozen foods on the other hand are much better...but I wouldn't feed them alone unless you know quite a bit about betta diets .

By the way, stop feeding the freeze dried bloodworms for now. He's going to become addicted and it'll make it a lot harder to get him to eat pellets. He won't starve...they can go weeks without food.


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I think I use Hikari Betta Bio-Gold... and my betta loves them...And I think Sasami is right, most live things won't let themselves starve to death, if he gets hungry enough, he should eat what you give him. (Unless he has a physical medical problem preventing him from eating)
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ok thanks everyone
ill try and get him some other stuff!
i figured he would eat if he got hungry, but my friends betta [we got them together] eats the second the food is put in! it makes me nervous about my lil guy
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betta fish, brine shrimp, hbh betta bites

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