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I just got a betta fissh 3 days ago. I havent got him to eat for me at all. He is blowing bubblenests in the tank like he iis happy he just wont eat. Do anyone know what I can do?
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It's normal for bettas to not eat the first few days. Don't worry...they can go for weeks without food .

However, they will also stop eating if tank conditions are bad (like if there is ammonia present which may happen in a small tank) or if the temperature is too low. Remember that bettas are tropical fish and need temperatures in the high 70's. Mine are kept at 78 degrees.

Also, it could be the food. Bettas often prefer pellets over flakes and sometimes have trouble eating large pellets (such as Wardley brand which I wouldn't recommend anyways). HBH Betta Bites and Hikari Betta Bio-Gold are commonly found brands that tend to be loved by bettas. I also feed mine a variety of frozen foods...bloodworms, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, krill, etc.


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If he still isn't eating in a couple more days I recommend trying the frozen pea method. Take a frozen pea and thaw it out (dropping it in hot water and letting it soak works well). Then remove the shell and cut the pea into small Betta mouth-sized pieces. Drop a piece or two into the water where the Betta can see it. Many Bettas will be enticed into eating a piece of pea or even multiple. This can help his appetite return to normal.

If you add too many pieces of pea -- particularly if he doesn't eat them -- you can cause a spike in nitrate and nitrite levels as the food rots, so do be careful.

Frozen peas are recommended by many as a regular additive to a Betta's diet, too. It can help prevent constipation, which can be a serious concern for Bettas.
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He still isnt eating. I am going to try the pea thanks. He seems unresponsive. He doesnt follow my finger around and he really doesnt swim around just stays at the top of the tank. Hes blowing bubblenests in the top of the tank though that confuses me. He is a crowntail and it looks like either part of his fin is torn or maybe he has fin rot. I am just watching him and adding betta fix to his water. I got him at the pet store so its just pot luck if you can get those bettas to thrive after they have been in those little containers that long. I just wish I could get him to eat. He is a really cute betta.
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