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Betta Setups

I just bought a beautiful crowntail betta today with a dark blue body and pure yellow fins. He is so cool, but I was wondering what everyone else is keeping their bettas in. Tank sizes, temps, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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I keep mine in a 5 gallon sterilite tub with a bubble wand, some gravel, fake plants and a rock thing.

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I kept my betta in a 10 gal, but had to move him down to a 5 gal. They like temperatures about 78-82*F.

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I don't have any bettas right now but when I used to keep them I kept them in 5 or 10-gallons . I had limited space so I had my oldest betta in the 10-gallon and my younger ones in the 5-gallons. Once the oldest had passed on, the next oldest took over the tank and so on. There have been times I've kept them in smaller tanks (never smaller than 2-gallons) but I feel they do much better with more space. My tanks were kept at 78 degrees and planted with live plants. They had either light filtration (from a gentle HOB filter) or no mechanical filtration at all (Walstad planted set-ups). Lighting was simple, fluorescents or compact fluorescents.


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yeah bettas like nearly still water, avoid any sharp ornaments, dont wanna mess up any pretty tails..
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I have a year old betta that I keep in a 5 gal planted aquarium.

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I have 2 betta

D'Argo now lives in a lightly planted heated/filtered 3ft(150litres) with BN
Buddy lives in a planted unheated/unfiltered Aquastart 320 (28litres) alone

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I personally wouldnt put them in anything smaller than 3g (would prefer 5) and unless heavily planted I would highly suggest some filtration (Betta tanks are one of the few times I would really recommend an undergravel filter as they can fit into small tanks, dont take up much room and dont create a lot of water movement).

I prefer to have a heater in their tanks to keep it around 78 but if you live in a warm part of the world or your have a warm house they can do ok at lower temps ("do ok" but better with a slightly higher temp).

As mentioned above try to avoid having any sharp edges in the tank that they can catch they fins on and in my experience most of them like having "ledges" they can rest on or under.
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betta, crowntail, tank

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