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Breeding balloon mollies?

Hello everyone, I hope here is someone out there that can help me. I have some question that I need answered. I have a 10 gallon well planted tank that has been up for 2 months. I add salt, regular water changes, test the water for ;ammonia, nitrates, and ph, temp. is 80, and do regular cleaning of the tank and plants. In this tank I have 10 balloon mollies at 2" long, 3 Chinese cats (loachs) at 2 1/2" - 3" long, and a plecostomus at 5" long. The plecostomus and Chinese cats don't fight at all. The only ones that fight is the mollies and they only herd each other away from the food. I was wanting to know is my tank overcrowded? For right now this is how they are. I want to start selectively breeding mollies and try to get really nice colorful mollies. For this I have a 10 and 5 gallon tank for the frys and two 3 gallon tanks for the males. All of my female mollies were pregnant when I bought them. So I will waight for them to have all of there babies from the previous breeding's so I can rebred them to my males. I will put the 2 males in the 3 gallon tanks and then put the female(s) that I want in there with him. But only for a short time. When all of my females are rebred I will put the males back in the 10 gallon tank along with the females.So I was wondering; What traits are pasted down from parent to fry? Is the dads or mothers gene more dominate, if any? And if the dad is orange with white stripes and the mom is white what color will most of the fry be and what might be the color of the other frys? Can you use the Pun et square in this problem solving or what could you use? Questions like that, if you could answer would be great and, if you know any good sites, books, or nice mollies for sale on the net. Please e-mail me back.
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10 gallons seems way too small for such a large amount of fish. A good rule of thumb is one cubic inch of space per inch of fish, I believe.
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Great fish to learn about the breeding process on.....But way to many fish in that poor ten gallon.
Check out this site it has all the info you need.

Good luck
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I agree with what everyone is saying...10 gallons is way too small. Odette posted a good link .


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Smile Thanks for the quick feedback:)!

Thanks for the quick feedback! What size tank would you recommend for the 10 mollies, 3 Chinese cats, and a plecostomus. And does anyone know any thing about the traits pasted down from parent to fry and the other questions I asked in the first post?
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Smile Small Tanks and Genetics

Yes, you're overcrowded. I don't know how much you can or are willing to spend but you should have a minimum of a 29 gallon for the main fish, then you can use the 10 gallon as a fry tank. If you're planning on keeping the offspring then you should think about a 55 or so, and even at that continual breeding will still lead to overstocking. If you're hoping to breed to get to a good level of fish, like I am, then after you reach that number stop seperating the fry. Inevitably, a few fry will make it and through time a few of you adults will die out so you should end up with a good balance. If you're planning on selling then keep the fry tanks going and continue to seperate, but definitely move up to atleast the 29 gallon.
I'm no geneticist or so I can't help much on your other questions. I've breed mollies plenty of times and the results were almost always random since I didn't seperate the parents to breed, I only seperated the mother to give birth. I don't know what traits are past, say males control fin type and size and female controls the colors. It has to be even more difficult since you won't know the true history of your parents. Say an orange could have some dalmation, albeit a minute amount, in it's genetic coding so if you breed it with another orange hoping to get a vibrant orange group of fry, you will most likely end up with some vibrant, a few light colored, and a couple of dalmation.
Say you have BB = Black Molly and BW = Dalmation:
X | B | B
B | BB | BB
W| BW | BW
You would get, theoretically, half black, half dalmation. However, if the black had some dalmation in it's genetics making BB = Bw then:
X | B | w
B | BB | Bw
W| BW | Ww
There would be a good chance that you would end up with some 25% dominate white, 25% black, 25% dominate dalmation, and 25% dominate black with some dalmation characteristics.
Two Dalmations:
X | B | W
B | BB | BW
W| BW | WW
50% Dalmations, 25% Black, and 25% White.
As you can see, it can get very confusing, when you add more strands and more characteristics like fins it gets even worse. To make a long post short, Good Luck, let me know if you figure it out.

Enjoy the experience and the fish,
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thanks for the great reply!
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