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Can anyone help very sick goldfish

Please can somebody help me? I bought a tank and 4 goldfish 16 days and I stupidly thought that adding the fish straight away without leaving a tank to sit for a week would be ok as I had a goldfish when I was younger that lived in a bowl of tap water for 3 years but I have found out (in a very distressing way) that this was the worst thing to do as the following occurred

Day 1 - put 4 fish (roughly 2.5cm each) into a 14 Litre tank with an air pump filter

Days 2 to 8 performed 20% water changes every other day adding Neutrafin Biological aquarium supplement and Neutrafin water conditioner each time, I have since found out should only have done this when there were no fish in the tank.

Days 9 and 10 Noticed the fish were not as active and seemed to lying at the bottom of the tank or hiding

Day 11 Noticed one of the fish had severe problems swimming and its tail was badly torn, then I seen one of the other fish take a bite out of it, so I quickly put it in the jug I used for water changes but it died about 10 minutes later.

Day 12 Another fish died I went to my local garden centre with a sample of water from the tank and explained what I had done, the test showed the there was a very high level of ammonia in the water, I was advised to do an 80% water change that day and to add some KingBritish Safe Water to get rid of the ammonia and to give a salt bath to the fish in the morning.

Day 13 Found another fish dead which just left one I removed her from the tank and gave her a salt bath and she immediately picked up when she was added back to the tank. I took another sample to get tested and the ammonia level had gone down but I was told to perform partial water changes until the ammonia was gone and to keep giving salt baths.

Day 14 I went to check on her in the morning and she was at the side of the tank when she saw me she floated up to the top, the man at the garden centre told me I could give her a little food so I broke up 1 fish food flake and put it in the water beside her she followed it around the tank for a bit and did take a few bites but then she went back to the side of the tank again and spat it all back out. I gave her another salt bath and did a partial water change making sure the water was the same temp as the tank when I put her back in the tank she picked up but only for a short period of time and for the rest of the day she never left the side of the tank she appeared to float at the top and sometimes all her fins would come out and then she slowly pulled them back in at the same time as sinking back to the bottom I went to a pet shop and I was adviced to put Sera water conditioner into the water.

Day 15 I checked on her in the morning and she was still a the side of the tank sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom when she showed all her fins I noticed that she wasnít using her left fin very much and upon closer inspection noticed that it was red at the base. I took another sample to the garden centre, which showed there was 1.5 mg of ammonia in the tank. I spoke to the same man as I had done on my first visit there and explained what had happened he told me to keep giving salt baths and to add 75mg of soluble aspirin to the bath and use water from the tank for the bath and to do a water change when she was in the bath and to put the Sera water conditioner and Kingbritish safe water into the new water before adding it to the tank. I also explained that she wasnít eating and that her fin was sore, he told me to give her live feed and not to worry about her fin yet as getting rid of the ammonia was the main problem to sort out first. I came back and gave her a salt bath with the aspirin and did a partial water change. When I put her back in the tank she swam around for a while but then went back to the side, I added the live feed and she showed no interest in it at all I then crumpled in 1 flake of food and again she followed the pieces but this time she didnít take any bits into her mouth so I removed the dried food.

Today I went to check on her and she is now at the bottom of the tank hiding behind an ornamental cave and she wonít come up for food and sheís not moving much she is opening her mouth but not frantically. I bought a water testing kit yesterday and Iíve tested the water for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate the ammonia level is 0.8mg the nitrite level is 0.1mg and the nitrate level is 0mg
Please can you help itís so upsetting seeing her like this especially as I know this is all my fault I really would appreciate any advice you can offer
I look forward to hearing from you soon
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14 litres is about 3 gallons, right? That's way too small for even one goldfish so no matter what you're going to be having problems...mainly with ammonia. Also, a tank that size can't be cycled so you need to be doing 100% water changes...every couple of days (goldfish are really messy).

I'd get a much bigger least 10 gallons, but preferably 20 gallons. I'm not quite sure how many litres that is. Then, you might want to do a google search for 'nitrogen cycle' to find out how to cycle a fishtank. There are a bunch of great websites out there. Remember that goldfish are messy and therefore can be difficult fish to keep. You need a large tank even for just one and a really strong filter.

The size tank you have right now is too small for most fish besides bettas (which are awesome fish, by the way).

What food are you feeding? You could try a different food just to see if that'll help. Also, you can buy some MelaFix and add it to the water to help her fin heal and prevent infection. This will also make her feel a bit better.

Good luck and keep us updated . I really hope she pulls through.


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Oh I hope she makes it for you. I know how scary it can be when they are sick. Take Sasami's advice though - she got my Little Guy through a very difficult time.
Sasami- please check my latest post on Anchor Worm I could really use any advise you may have - thanks!

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well there are 4 litres in 1 gallon so there is 40 litres in 10 gallons!!
look at these i worked out hope they help?
8 litre = 2 gallons
20 litre = 5 gallons
40 litre = 10 gallons
48 litre = 12 gallons
60 litre = 15 gallons
72 litre = 18 gallons
80 litre = 20 gallons
88 litre = 22 gallons
100 litre = 25 gallons
108 litre = 27 gallons
120 litre = 30 gallons
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Definitely get a new tank that is way too small....I"m a saltwater person but having had many goldfish over the years I have to agree with the earlier posts. Then start with one or two fish and wait for it to cycle.
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