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carps in apartments?

When I was little, a small area in my county became its own city. There was a party at their community building and thats where I ran into my first koi pond. I fell in love instantly and loved them ever since. As I grew older, I forgot about my love for them. Then college came along. In between the science wings, there was a small koi pond (I say small because in all honesty it was at most 500 gallons...those poor things). I bonded with one...a butterfly. It would wait for me every day at 10am at a certain corner and I'd just...well talk to it (yeah whatever I'm crazy so what.) Well it got sick. A laaarge tumor in fact. Then, it died. Ever since then I have been wanting a couple of koi of my own.

Well I have been reading on koi...taking the heartbreak that I won't be able to have a super awesomely large pond for years. No beautiful waterfalls splashing into them or anything like that.

But I was thinking. I am setting up a new altar for when I move (I am pagan) and wanted my own OWN private sacred space. What better decoration than fish? That and the sound of the trickling (not splashing) water could help clear my mind. So I thought maybe...just maybe there is a way to get koi into a makeshift above ground pond.

So now passed the blah blah blahing. I know most issues with fish and apartments are
1) Water damage (quite frankly I'd like to keep my altar outside and thus the fish would be outside). Most apartments here are ok with aquariums as long as they are downstairs. aaannd
2) Weight. Again this is why most apartments would rather have you be downstairs if you have any pets.

So I was thinking of how to construct a temporary pondish type thing to fit some koi. It doesn't have to be in one area. I thought about 3' high sort run going around the patio and circling my altar (as long as landlord would permit such a thing.) It would be funky to clean but whatever.

Anyone have any other ideas? I mean even "no woman that is a stupid idea" is still an idea to me. Just don't be too harsh. I have also considered a goldfish "pond" as well but would just prefer koi due to my emo background with them.
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It is do-able, but:

1. Weight is an issue [500 gallons (which is a very small koi pond) is 4000lbs].

2. A 6" koi should reach 12"-14" in a year, particularly in a year-round, room temp environment....what then for koi that still have 30"+ to grow?

3. Water changes. Even with an excellent pond canister filter (I suggest one with a built-in UV steriliser), you need to be doing regular water-changes of reasonable volume...this is not going to be terribly easy in an apartment.
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I don't think koi would work, you'd be looking at a pond of 1000+ gallons. Fancy goldfish could work, though.


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