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Dinosaur eels?

Thinking about getting a dinosaur eel or 2. anybody had 1? How big do they get and what size tank for them? feeding? They seem entertaining at the store.
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There are over a dozen species of bichir. The most common ones I see at pet stores, the Ornates and the Senegals generally max out at around 12 inches. Others, like the Nile Bichir can be larger than 2 foot. Some even bigger than that. So, really, finding out exactly which species you have will dictate how much space it will eventually need.

They are a carnivorous species and should not be housed with any other fish, unless those fish are much larger. Feed live foods and meaty foods which you can generally buy frozen, such as cockles, mussels and other freshwater feeder fish. I've heard of some of them eating the sinking catfish pellets, but I wouldn't count on that as a primary diet. Things like blood worms should be avoided, because they often end up rotting in their gut and bloating them.

They are cool fish though, very unique.


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