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Guppy babies! Aaah..

Oh my, I am so stressed out. I wonder if anyone remembers me, I haven't been on but once in a while. I guess I should start with my story.

About a half a year ago, when I was new to the fish business, after I got a tank of ick that killed off my fish, I bought two pretty big goldfish. Now they looked rather lonely by themselves, so I wanted something else. I got guppies, but I knew they couldn't stay in there. Unfortunately, before I got a new tank for them, my giant goldfish had KILLED them all. 4 of them, 2 male (one metallic blue, one half black half white) and two bland females with yellow spotted tails.) I felt pretty guilty, but they moved quick in the killing, heh. Good old murderer fish (that's a household joke now). Anyway.. it must've been a day after I removed the last fish when I noticed 10 little black dots on the top of my tank. I hunkered down and what do I see? FIVE of the tiniest fish I've ever seen. Guppies babies that I quickly moved. That day I went out to get fry food, a new tank (5g for now) and a smaller net. I came home and set it all up for them (they were in a tupperware, heh) and I found another guppy baby hiding out inside my goldfish tank. I've always wondered how many they ate, but I was left with six and they were called the Six Pack!

Now, it's several months later. I realized too late that I had 3 males, 3 females. They took awhile to get color and I thought I had all females! OOPS. Anyway, one female became SO big that I was afraid she'd been eating all the food. I moved her from the new 10g tank I had for them and into the good old 5g. This worked for awhile but she just got bigger. I noticed then that I had a really, really tiny male, half the size of the others. In some strange state of mind, I moved him in with who is now known as Big Momma. He grew a bit in there and so did she. I have a picture of the two of them that I'll post whenever it uploads to the internet from my phone. She is atleast twice the size of the normal fish and he is half their size. I call him Pobresito and they make a cute couple. They leave each other alone, anyway.

ANYWAY. So today, I came home from school early. I'm looking in on Big Momma and I see that her gravid spot is almost pitch black. Her stomach has also sort of dropped into a V sort of thing and instinct told me I might have babies on the way. I talked to my friend tried to sound all cool like I was little Ms. Vet, but around 6:00 (1.5 hours ago) I went down and what's there? BABY GUPPIES. I was actually dumbfounded, but I quickly went into action. I went to my 10g tank with my 4 other guppies (Paris/Nicky, Kenan/Kel) and hooked in the big net thing and started slowly moving. I counted 17 and 1 was seemingly born dead. I then moved Big Momma into a breeder box and she's had 4. I was able to move one into the net with the others, but there are 3 more in there. I'm also seeing little yellowish balls - one seems to have an underdevloped fry inside. Is that what these are? They're all at the bottom of the breeder box.

Anyway, long story short..I have zero idea what to do with these fish. My mom is mad and wants me to flush them, but I just can't. They're "just fish" but they're neat. I'm going to see if I can take some to my dad's one day once they're bigger. Blah, I don't know. I am just SO STRESSED over them, i'm aggrivating old shoulder wounds - haha! I'll post some pictures in a bit when they upload. -wail- <3
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These are my goldfish that really started it all, Chris Farley(orange) and OG(black).

This is my smaller tank, with Pobresito in it when I moved him and Big Momma apart. After I took this picture I noticed a stray baby on top, you can barely see the little spec. XDD

This is Big Momma in her breeder thing. She had 4 babies and I took her out really quick because she seemed stressed and done with the birthing. I think you can see two babies in the box below her.

More coming..
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This is the whole set up, you can see some of my other guppies and the net with the babies in it. This is before I moved Big Momma into a tank all on her own for a few days to calm down and rest.

This is the breeder box with the little dots i talked about. The darker one actually uncurled into a living fry. :starry:

and these are my babies! XD

Sorry for the quality and the mess around the tanks. XD My filter is out of the goldfish one because I was doing a cleaning when they were all born and I took a picture of the goldies Let's seee.. oh, and Pobresito's tank has no plants because I took it out for a bit to find all the fry.

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Yay babies! Are you going to keep them all?

I used to have guppies and they constantly bred! I no longer have guppies, I have tetras and things and it isn't good to get guppies with them, they are fin nippers and will tear the guppie's fins!

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I sure don't think I'm keeping them all. XD I've got.. 3 people who want some and my little brothers want a tank in their room. I'll tell you what, there is NO room for another tank in my room, so.. XDD
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fish tank

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