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HELP! 22 goldfish have hatched

can anyone help i saved 22 eggs from my goldfish tank a few days ago i have read up on it but i want someone whom has bred goldfish and raised the fry i made infusia from putting banana peel in boiling water on the window sill also adding some algae i just do not know how many drops a day and when to start feeding them water flea then normal fish food can someone please help?
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I've raised frogs from eggs, but never fish. There are probably some parallels though. Tadpoles live off of their yolk sacs for about 7 their case, you can tell when they're ready to start eating because they start rhythmically opening and closing their mouths. As for how much of the food...I can only assume that, like tadpoles, giving too much is way worse than slightly underfeeding (clogs the gills). In the case of the tadpoles, the food (a slurry) clouds the water a bit, and as the babies eat it up, the water clears. The goal for the taddies was to have them clear the water in about 5 minutes.

Another thing I learned with the tadpoles (they were African Clawed Frogs, by the way) was that the filter set up is really important. The waterfall type filter I had caused way too much turbulance. I bought a foam filter instead, and it worked very well. That would also help from food clogging their gills if you get a little too much in there.

I don't know if any of that helps or not, but good luck!
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Good luck with those little babies. We found 3 babies in our pond last year - but they were already swimming when we found them. They all survived on the algae in the pond. They were spoiled over the winter though. They got fish food while they wintered in the nice warm house. Now they are back in the pond and every time they see you they beg for food!

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cool thanks when they are 1cm long ill take a photo i took some and you cant see them but they are gowing really fast lol.
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