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Unhappy Ick from the local pet store....

Yesterday we bought a five inch shovel-mouth catfish from the local petstore.. and today noticed it had ick! It's been very active and has blended well with our community tank. Also we have 3 tinfoil barbs, which are 9, 8, and 7 inches long, a black tiger oscar that is about 4 inches long, a firemouth which is 3 inches long, 2 plecos which are 5 inches long and 3 inches long, a 3 inch botia loach, along with 2 goldfish that are about 2 to 3 inches long, and about 5 other small goldfish that are feeders for the oscar. Today we also bought a dragonfish that is about 7 inches long from Walmart. The dragonfish and shovel-mouth are in the 'hospital' tank being treated for icka nd whatever else they may have. Normally we don't buy fish from Walmart because they usually come ridden with disease, but the dragon was just gorgeous and very active, so we decided to get him and quarantine him with the sick shovel-mouth untilt hey've been throught a full treatment. The shovel-mouth we got the second it got to the pet-store. They hadn't even got it into their tank from the shipping bag, and we know that they have had problems with ick coming in on the fish from this particular seller. Should have waited a day or two, but alas, we couldn't. Now we're treating the large community tank for ick, even though none of the other fish are exhibiting signs of it, just in-case, since the shovel-mouth was in that tank over night. After about 2 weeks if everything goes well, the shovel-mouth and dragon can go back into the community tank. We also have an aquarium for my red-ear slider turtle, a small 'decorative' aquarium for the feeder goldfish, and then my dad has another large community tank with a 10 inch oscar, 2 3 inch parrot fish, a 5 inch bala shark, 2 plecos that are 4 inches, 2 bluecatfish with red tails that are about 5 inches and 4 inches, and 3 goldfish that are about 3 inches long now that managed to survive the wrath of his oscar. I'm trying to find a good way to get some pictures of my fish. The digi cam glares so bad when we leave the flash on, but the fish can't be seen if we leave the flash off. Hopefully I'll have some soon though somehow.
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