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Question Moving a 55 gallon tank??????NEED HELP!!!

I have an in home daycare. Currently my tank in in the living room where the children play. I am terrified that they are going to break the tank and get hurt and ruin my tank and kill my fish.

So, tomorrow, I am going to move the tank in my room.

How do you suggest doing that? I have a clean bucket that I will putting the fish in while I move it. However, They cannot stay in it for long. Should I get many other buckets and save as much as the water from the tank as I can or what?

If I cannot save much of the water, what chemicals do you suggest me put in the tank so I can put the fisn back in asap?

I currently have over what looks like 100 or a little less fancy tail guppies and many baby snails. I have a feeling I will not be able to save many snails but I want to save as many as I can. How do you suggest getting the snails out saftly?


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I would definitely try to save as much water as possible, especially if you have just done a cleaning. I think even if your due for a cleaning you may want to wait a couple days after the move so you don't stress out your fish too much. If you need to add chemicals. The same ones you would use with a regular water change you will lose some of your fish because the tank will need to recycle and that means days to getting your water level correct so you best bet is to save all of the water. I don't know the best way to transfer your snails. If you have any rocks in your tank you may want to put the most "algea" covered one in the bucket with them for the time period. That may help them a little bit.
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