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Moving tanks?

I need some advice as to the best way to move my tanks. We're not moving that far, so the actual moving of the actual tanks wont be too big an issue, they can go in the back seat or something. But whats the best way to move the fish? should i put them in bags like when you bring them from the store? or would they be better off in a bucket or something? Should i put them together? or maybe the guppies in one and the corys in another? And do i have to take all the gravel out to move my 10 gallon, as it seems my micro swords have finally began to establish themselves in the gravel, i'd hate to have to scoop them all out again. Maybe i could suck out most of the water and leave the gravel? should i keep some of the water from the tanks? or should i just start fresh? i'll keep the filters and stuff, and the decorations in some water, and i still have some containers with extra gravel in them that have been in my 29gal, so it shouldn't re-cycle right? The tanks will probably be the last thing we move, so im kinda worrying a bit much about this now, but i figured it would be best to plan things out a bit..

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Yeah, I would bag them. You want to make sure that when you tip the bag over on it's side (without the fish :p) that the water will still cover the fish. But at the same time you don't want to fill the bags with too much water because it'll splash more and there won't be as much oxygen (as you might have noticed, cories tend to come up to the surface to breathe sometimes). Then make sure they are tied securely and place them in a cooler if you have one. Coolers are good since the temperature won't change much and the fish will be calmer because of the darkness. You can use styrofoam or towels to keep the bags from moving...the cooler should be packed as tightly as possible without breaking the bags.

I would put the guppies in one bag and the cories in another. With a 10-gallon you don't have to take the gravel or plants can just leave in a small amount of water like you said. But make sure it's really a tiny amount otherwise the tank will be extremely hard to move and in danger of breaking. There is another good reason to keep the gravel wet in the'll be saving a lot of beneficial bacteria. I would take the filter media and place it in the water too.

If you can save some of the water in jugs then it will definitely help prevent ammonia/nitrite spikes . Remember to test the water a lot when you first move the tank since it might go into a mini-cycle. It'll be a lot shorter then a real cycle but it can still take it's toll on the fish. But if you test and do water changes at the first sign of a problem you'll be fine . If the tank does crash I would pick up some Bio-Spira since it'll help the tank re-cycle overnight. No other product can do that.


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