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Unhappy Mr. Fish went to a new home

I keep a 20 gal fish tank at my husbands office. There are or were 3 large fantails. All of a sudden one grew a large tumor and died within 2 days. I have been watching the other 2 fish for a while and they seem okay. Put a little med in the tank(copper green for fresh water tanks) and today I moved my little guy (not really that little anymore) from his cramped boring quarters to the 20 gallon. He seems really happy and is getting along with the other 2 despite his smaller size. Hopefully he is still in the tank tomorrow!

Could the "tumor" have been some type of contageous infection?
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sorry to hear
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The water was okay (I do a 20% once a week) and I test amonia levels every other day. They have been in the tank for 2 years with out any problems. I also use a power filter for tanks twice the size of my tank and add "amonia chips" media and it contains a biological filter. The little "tumor" looked like it was growing from underneath one of the scales and started to push it upwards. The new fish is doing okay so far and is still much happier, but I am still keeping an eye out for anything unusual.
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What were your Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate readings? More to water quallity than ammonia and clarity. Ammonia is broken down by benefitial bacteria into Nitrite and then it is broken down further into Nitrate. Nitrates should be no more than 20ppm, nitrates can only be removed by waterchanges, live plants do use nitrate for fertilizers. Goldfish as said before are EXTRMELY messy. We have a 320G goldfish tank that only has 10 golds in it, soon to add 6 more to it and thats it. 20G each is fine. Also the larger your tank the more stable its water conditions will be. 3 goldfish would do wonderfully in a 50G tank and it would be alot easier to keep stable than a smaller tank. IMO the "tumors" you had were probably a result of a water quality problem, really just about any disease in a fish is the restult of water quality going wrong. I am very sorry for your lose and hope that you get the fish situation fixed. Not that I'm telling you that you MUST, but am asking you to do this because fish are creatures just like dogs or cats and must have adequate space and certain requirements in order to survive. Think of a fish tank as a .......ummmm...hamster cage. The more hamsters you have in there the more waste produced, the smaller the cage the less space they have so the waste piles up. Eventually if you have 3 fully grown hamsters in say the equivalent of a 5G tank, no matter if you clean that cage every week it will still be polluted and they will die. The only key difference in this analogy is that.....water doesn't show its "polutants" like say shavings does. What looks to be a nice healthy tank can actually have horrid amounts of waste in the water. Anyway, I am getting off my soapbox and this fish activist is gonna go now.LOL!

fish tank, hamster cage

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