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Thanks!! In an experimental mode last week, I added a male betta to the tank and so far so good. He lost some of his finnage to the Barbs, but he's been very good with the female bettas and all the other fish so far. He's more of a mellow sort male and the girls are younger and faster then him anyway. I am hoping with 75 gallons and lots of cover, there is plenty of room for them to get away if they need to. So far he's just showed off for them and not made any move to be mean at all. We'll see how it goes.

Animal Addict - I used to not be able to get pics of the fish, but I'm starting to do ok with the digital. What works for me? Just take bunches and bunches of pictures and weed out what you miss or blur.
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Yeah!! The really great pet store lady at our local store called on Wednesday and said that my Blue Rams were in, so now my fish tank is full. The Rams were young and smaller then I usually see, but they are doing well so far. The tally in my 75 gallon is:

1 male Pearl Gourami
1 male & 3 female Bettas
2 male & 2 female Rosy Barbs
1 male & 3 female Swordtails
2 Long-finned Blue Danios
1 Long-finned Gold Danio
1 Normal-finned Zebra Danio
1 Long-finned Zebra Danio
2 Plecostomuses
3 Corydoras Cats
4 Khulii Loaches
4 German Blue Rams
2 Black Snails

It is a fun tank to watch...action everywhere, and so far everyone is being pretty good to each other. I'll take some pics of the Rams and the male Betta sometime soon here. Have a great day!!
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