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Oh wow, Did I see two different kinds of clownfish, and a yellow tang?

Georgous tank there! Keep up the awsome work!
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Great looking tank ... Just looking at it stresses me out though thinking of all the work it must be (I had a Salt Water tank that I recently took down because I did not have the time I needed to devote to it we will be getting a larger tank in a few years).... how long did it take you to have all those inhabitants co-existing together in harmony?
How long have you had your set up for? What size is your tank and what are you doing for lighting? and filtration?
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Nice pictures!

What invertebrates do you have in there?


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i'm not sure how to quote all the questions so i will seperate them as best i can

laura ann--we have a yellow tang, 2 false percula clowns, 4 types of damsels, a saddleback clown, and a pajama cardinal (which we plan on getting another one or two as they prefer to school)

leo--we have never had a problem with anyone fighting which is very possibly just luck, we have had this set-up since spring 2005, it is a 40gal. and we actually just ordered a new light from foster and smith last night-- (i think this is the one,my husband took care of it) we ordered the 48inch 216 watt as this is plenty of light for soft corals, for filtration we have a red sea prizm protein skimmer as for being stressed out i got the good end of the deal with the salt tank b/c my husband does the good majority of the work and i just sit back and enjoy. i actually enjoy cleaning the tanks (we have a total of 3 plus 2 betta bowls) i find it kind of theraputic other than hauling water back and forth but it is hard since i am home with our 1yr old during the day.

sasami-we actually had a choc.chip starfish a red knob starfish, a ton of snails (different kinds) hermit crabs, emerald crabs, and a sally lightfoot but they have some have slowly died off and we are currently replacing them. we were going to order a cleaning crew from foster and smith but they were more expensive than our local fish stores.

thank-you everyone for your very kind comments, i really don't deserve the credit as my husband does all the hard work but thank-you anyway
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Well to you and your hubby - congratulations! It absolutley magnificant. I wouldnt need a tv if i had one of those - i could look at it all night!

It is certainly something to be very proud off. Wish i had the time and space for one....
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Wow its so pretty! I am getting a in wall tank in 1 more MONTH! I am so excited!
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Very gorgeous pictures !

Isn't Sasami a life saver? She's helping me also! I can't possibly thank her enough
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Reef tanks are so beautiful. Wish I had one.
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hermit crab, hermit crabs, local fish store

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