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Question Please help my african dwarf frog, Shovie!

We really need help and I don't trust our petstore. We do not have any aquadic vets.

I recently bought 2 ADFs from a local pet store. After transferring them to their new home, I noticed that Shovie kept his left arm drawn up to him, unused. The next day, he had a small, red hematoma on the "elbow" area. It has grown over the next 2 days. Now his forearm is swollen up and reddish. The swelling does not pass the shoulder. BUT, the elbow(apparent site of injury or infection) to hand area is white and disintegrating!!

Now, Shovie is still a happy frog! He swims undeterred, eats fine and seems curious and playful. I have gotten really attached to him. I can't tell if he has any other health condition...I'm trying to google pictures of skin infections. He does have some white spots, but I can't tell if they are from shedding, which they have both done recently.

About water quality: They told me to put 2 of them in my 1 gallon tank. I DID condition with stresscoat conditioner and stresszyme biofiltration booster. I now see on this forum that they need more space. I will try to figure that out tomorrow. But, I don't know how to treat the arm? I have been cleaning the debris from the water daily before feeding (frozen bldworms, which I also see I need to vary the diet now). And I have added a bit of the stresszyme as I clean debris. But, I don't know what kind of antibiotic to get? Or is it a fungus? Something else?

Do you think I can save him??
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mellafix is the best for treating any wounds, infections and fungus on fish, dont see y it wouldnt help with Shovie. everything you did is perfect,what filter system are you using, even add some more stresszyme directly into your filter..but deffinitly try mellafix
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I don't have a filtration system, which I why I figured I better get a bigger tank. We have a "Go Diego Go Frog habitat" that is really great, except being only one gallon. The pet store said that would be fine for 2 frogs...which is why I don't trust them to answer my frog questions.
Thanks so much! I'll look for the mellafix.
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good luck!

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Welcome to Paw-Talk!

First off, Melafix is not a medication and shouldn't be treated as such. It helps wounds heal but won't treat an infection like you described.

My advice would be to get your water tested asap (pet stores will usually do it for free if you bring in a water sample). Also, do daily water changes until you can get a larger tank.

My guess is that you're experiencing ammonia spikes and other water quality problems since the tank wasn't cycled before stocking (a tank needs to be specially prepared before adding animals--a part that pet stores love to leave out) and is over-stocked to begin with. When the water quality is poor, any animals are going to be stressed out and prone to illness in general.

If you can, get something called Tetra Safe Start (previously sold as Bio-Spira) for the new tank. That'll speed up the cycle and hopefully prevent any more spikes. If you can't get that, just keep doing partial water changes.

Oh, and I'd recommend conditioning the water with Prime. It's great for new tanks because it gets rid of or neutralizes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, chlorine, cholormines, heavy metals, etc.

Are the white spots fuzzy or slimy? You could try a really, really small dose of Binox (made by Jungle). It's a strong medication that covers a lot of things. Unfortunately, there aren't many meds out there for frogs (and since they absorb everything through their skin, you have to be super careful).


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Oh man...I just set up the new tank before reading this. I got a 5gal tank with filter. I still have lots of questions:

1) Since I really needed to get them out of the toxic tank (even with daily 25% changes, ammonia was .5), I didn't get to cycle this time, either. I used stress zyme and stress coat and let it run a few hours. Should I go ahead and do the tetra safe start?

2) Based on some internet research, I've been using melafix and primafix together. His hand is a puff of white cotton fuzz. I assume that's a fungus. The swelling in his arm overall is down considerably, but his joint is still red and edemic looking. And he has other flat white spots...not sure if they are normal or not. But, overall, he looks much healthier. So - should I discontinue those and go ahead and try the binox? Do all 3?

3) water quality concerns: My alkalinity is only around 40, pH only 6.8-7.0. Temp is 80-82deg (no heater or even light). What can I do to level all that out?

4) Are plants much upkeep? I'd love to have real ones, but I can't take much more as far as upkeep. With school, work and 3 kids, these frogs are about to do me in.

5) Any ideas for enrichment or substrate? I'm scared to use anything for fear they'll hurt themselves/digest/ get stuck in it. I have some things in there just to provide hidey spots now, but would like a nicer place for them.

Thank you SO much! I know Shovie would be dead without all the help here and info on the sight overall. Thanks to everyone! We've made it 1 week!!!
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New problem:
His arm is now bleeding from the red inflamation at his joint (where it turns into the "fuzz"). I have not seen anything on any website to address bleeding. I've seen that fungal meds tend to add salt to the water...that sounds painful for an open wound. Not sure what to do...
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