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Pleco Feces?

Hey, I'm sorry, it's me again but my pleco had a massive dump... It was about a foot and 2 inches long. Is that normal? I left the whole algae wafer in there when I should have taken it out. And he ate all of it...
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Plecos go to the bathroom a lot. They are not really "cleaning fish" like everyone thinks. They may eat some of the algae on your tank, but they create so much waste its unbelievable.

On a different note. I have never heard of anyone taking an algae wafer out of the tank after a certain amount of time. Anybody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I don't take them out. If my pleco doesn't eat it, the fish will nibble on the rest.
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yeah, like Alfie said Plecos are very messy fish. I work at a pet store and always try to debunk the myth that these very large fish will make your tank cleaner. They do clean algae but put soo much watse back into your tank. A lot of watse from a Pleco is completely normal.
I don't usually remove the wafer, its fine for the pleco to eat it, but I will sometimes remove them if its been a day and its still not eaten so the left over wafer doesn't cause ammonia spikes.
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even if plecos did eat alot of algea it still wouldnt help an aquarium or pond. algea does a good thing for your system by consuming ammonia, producing oxygen, and sometimes you can make it look cool too. when plecos eat it they take that algea and turn it into waste, putting a greater load on the bio filtration, harming the other fish in the system, and mucking up the water making it not look cool.
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pleco poop hug big

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