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Pump Problems HELP!

A few days ago my fish tank pump started to spit bubbles. I thought one of the filters must be a bit dirty so I took them all out and cleaned them. This fixed the problem until the next day when I woke up and it was starting to spit bubbles again. So again I cleaned all the filters out and again this seemed to fix the problem. So I get up today and again it is blowing bubbles. I try and clean out the filters, check to see if anything is clogged but this time it doesn't fix it.

I even cleaned the pump (I clean the filters and pump normally every 5 to 10 days depending on how dirty they are getting).

Every time I turn on the pump now it just blows a steady stream of bubbles into the water. What could be the problem?

I can't go to the petstore until Monday (it's Saturday night or rather early Sunday morning). Is it better to have the pump blowing bubbles into the tank or is it better to leave it unplugged? What I do to keep my fish healthy and safe until I can find out what is wrong with the pump?

Thanks for the help!
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What brand filtration system do you have (is it a waterfall or under water gravel filter)? What type of fish do you have? Without knowing the specifics of your fish setup I can ony give somewhat general advice....
The bubbles IMO would be better than no filtration at all, becasue stagnant water in a fisk tank is not a good thing (with the exception of a couple of species of fish). When I had fresh water tank and I changed my water I used to take my fish out and put them in a bucket with an airstone bubbler... it put off a ton of bubbles and never hurt the fish.

If you are really into fish and some day want to expand into a bigger tank I would look at the Fluval filter system..It is a bit pricey but IMO well worth the money..... it is super easy to take care of and is what I currently have on my 30 gallon Saltwater tank.
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I have an Aqua 65 tank (don't know what filtration system it is exactly). The filtration system is attached to the tank (it comes all set up and ready to use). It sits inside the tank, sucks water through one side where it crosses over 3 filters and gets pumped out the side of the filter system.

I have tropical fish such as guppies, a gourami, a beta, and several bottom fish like whiptail catfish, kuhli's, shrimp and snails.
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Well if it's an internal filter what harm are a few bubbles going to do, have you got the origional manual that you can refer to ?

only I have an Eheim Aquaball internal filter and bubbling is normal, and besides the more air in the water for the fish the better in my opinion.

maybe it should have been bubbling in the begining but something was stopping it, now that it's bubbling you dont know if it normal.

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How long have you had the tank.

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Well its a lot more than a few bubbles but I think the problem might be in the filters themselves (perhaps in need of early replacement).

There was no manuel with the fish tank unfortunately so I cannot refer to it for anything. There is very little on-line either about the fish tank. I know it's not supposed to blow bubbles as all the others I have seen never have.

Definitely not normal but I believe the filters now hold the key, I'll be replacing them tomorrow and see if that changes things.
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