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Sick Fantail

I've had my fantails for over a year now and when I upgraded their tank about a week ago I realised that Mapache and Panda both had white dots on their fins and gill area, I checked Bronze but he had no visible white dots but was acting very strangly as he was hardly swimming or anything. I moved him to my "hospital" tank to check if he was eating and becuase I wasn't sure what is wrong with him. Well a week has gone by and all three fantails are being treated for White Spot (even though Bronze has no visible spots I read it was very contagious so he is also getting treated) and Mapache and Panda seem fine but Bronze hasn't eat anything since he's been in the "hospital" tank and is getting weaker and weaker. I don't just want to sit around and watch him die, does anyone know how I can encourage him to eat? Or any ideas on what could be wrong with him?

Thank you for your help.
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It's great that you decided to upgrade their tank, but did you cycle it first? If not, then you'll have to first address the inevitable ammonia and nitrite spikes. This means lots of big water changes and maybe getting some java ferns to help soak up ammonia. You'll need to keep testing the water so you know how far along the cycle is.

What size is the hospital tank? What are the water parameters (including temperature)? How is it being filtered/oxygenated? What are you treating him with?

I'm really not a fan of most Ich meds, but since you already started treatment, you'll have to finish it. However, I would also recommend adding some FRESHWATER aquarium salt to the tank. You can buy a small carton at most petstores for only a few dollars. I'm not sure if the hospital tank has a heater, but Ich treatments are much more effective if you can raise the water temperature (I would raise it to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but do it slowly). If the water is too cool, treatment will take much longer and the fish doesn't have as much of a chance to make it. When you raise the water temperature, it becomes even more critical to have proper oxygenation. Add extra air stones if you can. Remember to perform small, daily gravel vacuumings to keep the tank clean.

Also, make sure you remove any filter carbon, because it may absorb the medication that you're using.

You could try feeding him a pea (boiled or microwaved, cooled, skinned, and cut), most goldfish love them.

Good luck!


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I did cycle the new tank. And the "hospital" tank is a small 25 litre tank, as I only use it when I see a fish acting strange and ill. the temperature is at 20C. I will try the pea thing to see if it works. thank you for your help.
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