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snails and bettas?

I have kind of an interesting situation, you see I just recently had some goldfish of my mothers pass away and we had to clear them out but the little snail that was inside the tank needed to be moved just because it was silly for something that small to be in something that big all by himself.
I have tanks in the house, that are being used by other fish, but the other tank has another snail in it already and I did not want them to breed with each other and me get a whole bunch of snails that I don't need. So I put the one by himself in with my female Betta, I thought this would work out fine since she is a very calm quiet girl, living in her 2 gal. tank...she spends most of her time just roaming her tank. And I have only seen her nip the guy once.
But he has been acting really odd, he has been laying in a corner of the tank now for hours, and his body is out..but his head and antena are still tucked in side his shell. I am starting to wonder if he is ok? is my girl harassing him so badly that he refuses to move about the tank? and if so should I look at moving him?

I know that Bettas are agressive to other fish but I didn't know if they would be agressive to a snail. I highly doubt she could do anything to him...he's fairly bigger then her. And has his shell to protect him....anyway any advise would be really nice. Never had to deal with this kind of situtation before so could really use some helpful hints.
OH and p.s. he is the only in the tank that has been acting strangely, Cleo my female has been swiming around and being just as active as she always is.
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Is he a pest snail or one bought from a petstore?

Some bettas do harass snails...especially in smaller tanks. It does sound like he's terrified and it may be a good idea to move him. You could first try offering more hiding spots, though. Ones that the betta can't get into would be especially good .


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betta fish arent that aggresive to other fish as long as you stay away from fish that are related closely to them like gouramis...or fish that have long fins...they may get along fine and then one day the betta may rip the fish's fins apart...however fish like platies, cardinal tetras...and other fish with short fins make good tankmates, it depends on the fish's personality and how much space it has....

a female betta may or may not work and many times it doesnt...i personally have had a female and male betta in a fully planted 20gal long tank and he harassed her...

perhaps you could give him a larger tank like a ten gal which is about 10 bucks and he would have more distractions like space and would no longer notice the snail...sometimes cramped conditions stress fish out and they become more aggresive

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Well I'm not sure now if it’s necessary for me to move them at all! The snail did seem scared at first the but the more I keep looking in on them the more I see him moving around Cleo is starting to leave him alone.
lol it almost at times looks like she is protecting him just cuz he'll be on one side of the tank and she will be on the other and she has this I'm standing guard look on her face (its pretty cute) I think for the most part they are getting along just fine now...I think the snail just took a little time adjusting to the new environment. But if he starts acting funny I'll try moving him to a bigger tank.
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I have a male betta in a five gallon tank, and I had pest snails for about two months, but he never seemed to noticed the snails. Maybe your snail is going through shock, and it doesn't have anything to do with the betta.
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I have a snail and a betta fish too
my first snail did very well with the betta, and it almost seemed like they were friends. He would get protective of the snail and sniff him and watch him. But sadly, that snail got sick, and i moved him out of the tank so he wouldnt get my betta sick, and the snail died.

I then got a second snail that was nearly identical to the first snail. And only 3 minutes after putting him in the tank, he was crawling around waving his big long antennas. Now, i like to play with my betta by putting a chain necklace at the top, and letting him chase it around. He also had just been introduced to freeze dried bloodworms. I think he figured that the antenna was just another thing to play with, and actually bit half of it off!

My snail is still good, and crawling around exploring, and i've been keeping an eye on my betta hoping he doesnt try it again.
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the snail I had currently in the tank sadly has based away...and it was more my fault then Cleo's. See my famale betta has been scraping up her face lately and I was trying to make her water more clean and better for her, by putting some freshwater aquarium salt her tank she has perked up quite a lot and is doing a lot better as far as her skin problem goes but the snail I think died from the salt. I tried to read on the box to see if it recommended not to be used with snails in the tank but it made no mentions of that so I figured it would be ok. I am not going to be using the freshwater salt again in any tanks that have snails again...thats for sure.
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