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Those are some cute newts.
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Originally Posted by Skratikans
do you think a little crab thats maybe an inch long would be ok to add with salamanders?
I assume you mean newts, not salamanders.

What kind of crab is it? Most crabs sold in petstores are brackish so they can't be housed with a freshwater newts. Plus, many prefer warm temperatures while newts like cool temperatures.

I personally wouldn't do it.


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Originally Posted by candyraver
Fire-bellied to be exact,
How many can live in a 10gallon? I want to eventually get newts,but I had a bunch of sites saved & my favorites are wiped off of my computer [fun,I get to look all over again,kills time at least].
I want to know everything,if they need an heater,can they be housed with fish? A good diet...etc etc!!
I bet I can be a lot of help on this How many you can house in the tank: I have 6 in a 29 gallon so I know a lot about them. You can house 4-5 in a 10 gallon. I could have 10 in a 29 gallon, and am getting two more soon What they need in the tank: They dont need a heater but do need a good quality filter. Their tank needs to be 1/2 full with water and 1/2 land. Some newts perfer land over water and some are in the water 100% of the time like most of mine. They do better with things that float on water for them to lay on, I have a floating log that is growing moss and they LOVE laying on it. They also like places under the water to hide. What they eat: Salamanders need a basic diet of bloodworms which can just be dropped into the water. They also love crickets which can be fed on a weekly basis. If you have 4 sallies (thats what I call them hehe) then you can feed them a little less than a 1/2 of a cube of frozen bloodworms. I feed mine a cube and they are fat :p but still my babies. What they are like to own: Out of all my 21 pets, dogs, hamsters, cats, lizards, and fish, they've got to be the most "vicious" ones I have They dont like being held and Flow, the smallest, will BITE when you pick her up. It doesnt hurt though, it just feels like a slight pinch. They cant be held much because the oils on humans hands hurt their skin, and you can also easily get salmonella if you hold them, so hold them seldomly. Other than that, they are very interesting to watch, esspecialy when they eat. They all have their own little charecteristics and will follow my finger when I run it along the outside of my tank.
What they can be housed with: NEVER HOUSE CRABS WITH NEWTS! They could easily kill them and get their claws through newts soft skin.

I have TONS more to tell you but will have to come back later. Good luck!
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In addition to my other post:

What they are like towards eachother: My "kids" will attack eachother when eating. Literally. They will grab eachothers legs and heads ands try to rip them off. Thank god newts are well structured. None of my newts have lost anything towards an attack that would harm them. Alpha's lip kind of got a little crooked, but that didn't harm him. Males will attack Males and females will attack females. Males do not harm females. I have 4 males and 2 females, none of the males have ever harmed the females. Breeding in captivity: None of my newts have ever bred. I know newts who have, but mine haven't. Getting out of the tank: 2 of my newts have gotten out of the tank + one frog. Newts will die when they get out of the tank. You wont find them until they are dead, sadly. So secure your dog to make it so that will never happen!
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bigger tank, hermit crab

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