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What fish can go with Goldies

What fish can go with goldfish, minnows, guppies, bettas?

And..how many guppies to a one gallon?

1 Bearded Dragon
3 Red Eared Sliders
1 Rabbit
2 Goldfish
4 Hermit Crabs
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How big is your tank?
Guppies can't go in with goldfish.. guppies like warm water, and guppies like cold. Minnows can i think there cold water. I'm not sure about bettas, i think there kinda middle ground but i could be wrong..

Ideally you should have 1 gallon of water per inch of fish.. guppies are about 2 inches, so 2 gallons per guppy. But this isn't true with all fish.. some fish are messier, or need cleaner water. Goldfish need 10 gallons for each fish, since they will get bigger and create more waste.. You also have to keep in mind that goldfish might get larger than any fish you put in there, so it could eat them.

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Goldfish can't be housed with guppies as Sarah posted and the same is true for bettas. They sometimes can live with white cloud minnows but larger goldfish might just eat them.

Apple snails can make decent tankmates for goldfish provided you have good filtration. In general, though, goldfish are better off in a species-only tank with other goldfish .

Unless you have a REALLY big tank you probably don't have room for other fish anyways. The rule of thumb for goldfish is 20-gallons for the first one and an additional 10-gallons for each other goldfish. Comet/common goldfish need even more space.

As for your second question, that depends on a lot of factors. Filtration, live plants (or lack of them), water change schedules, and tankmates can all affect that. In a standard 10-gallon aquarium with a HOB filter, a few live plants, no other fish, and weekly water changes I'd say you could probably keep around six.


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I've got a 55 gallon cold water community that has 2 goldfish, some eastern mosquito fish, 3 flying foxes, and two apple snails.
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I have a pair of zebra danios in with my goldie. They kept my old goldfish company, but after he died I just kinda kept them in there. My current gold fish tries to eat them sometimes, but hes too small and slow!

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Cappy my Oranda (sp) goldfish is in with 2 loaches, he leaves them alone, but I also gave them plenty of places to get away from him lol...but I would never put another fish with him because I have him in a 10 gallon

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goldfish can live with: just off the top of my head,
canary goldfish
coldwater plecko
weather loach
white cloud mountain minnow
black moores
red caps

but as everyone else said its all about good healthy water, good filteration and a adquitate size tank
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