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Aquarium size: 2 gallons
temperature: 73 degrees
water change schedule: 100% once a week & 30% once a week. Also, I use a water conditioner.
feeding: once a day for two minutes & I skip a meal once a week.
I checked the water & the pH levels are fine.

I woke up this morning & his stomach looked better, but when I fed him, he ate a couple pellets & his stomach started to look like the pictures I posted. Is my betta dying??
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I would test ammonia and nitrite and do a partial water change (if you haven't already). Can you raise the temperature a bit to see if he perks up? My bettas have always been more active when the temperature is above 75.

What food do you normally feed? It's great that he's still eating but I'd fast him for a day or two to let his digestive system clear.

I'm not sure how he looks normally so the photos don't seem alarming to me. I see a slightly stressed betta that looks like he might have over-eaten (or eaten something difficult to digest). Hopefully that's all this is . If it's not a food or water quality issue, it could be an infection (but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion yet).


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I'm still fairly new to fish keeping but I'm pretty sure Betta fish need around 2 gallons (don't quote me on that, I may be wrong). If I am right though, he could be suffering from stress through the lack of swimming space.

In a small tank, ammonia would build up real quick, maybe in a day which would mean your fish could be suffering from ammonia poisoning. You could try doing a 15% water change every day to see if that perks him up.

Bettas are warm water fish I think, too and I think optimum temperature for them is around 78 degrees (far.) which - off the top of my head - is around 25 degrees Celsius.

Make sure, when you do a water change, that you use a product like 'Tapsafe' to get the chlorine and/or chloramine out - if you havent done this before, the chlorine and/or chloramine might be 'burning' or poisoning your fish.

Like I said, I'm still fairly new to this myself but that's just my 2 cents.

Hope everything gets resolved!

edit: Sorry, I didn't see that you already had him in a 2 gallon tank!

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