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Emergency situation in KY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone, please help me to help them, We need to help find forever
homes for them, you know they feel the stress of the situation
Laura and Jill of Project Safe who lives in London, KY.are in dire
need of help.
Her rescue is called Project Safe. One of the two rescuers is in
dire need of help.
Her son came down with Bacterial Meningitis and is in very critical
condition in a hospital in NY. She will more than likely be gone for
another month or two. She has lots of animals at her home in London,
KY. who need homes, or else they will have to eventually be taken to
the shelter. Laura Coddington is her name.
Her partner Jill is trying so hard to do it all herself now, plus
work 10 hours a day too.
Jill has to drive quite a ways to feed and water theses animals
daily, but she is so concerned because all of these dogs are now
getting no attention at all. She is afraid they will all become
feral. Jill has a lot of animals at her own home and she is stressing
I could sure use your help with this! If you can, will you call Jill
at: 606-376-8346 and
see if you can lend her a hand with trying to find some rescues for
these poor dogs.
Her email address is: [email protected] She finally just got a
computer just last week from her Husband for her birthday, so she now
has email too, thank God!

She leaves for work today at 2:00PM, and will not be home again until
after 12:00PAM.
You can contact her tomorrow before 2:00PM, or all day Sunday which
is her day off
this week. I know she would appreciate anything you could help her
with at all.
God bless you if you can help out in any way.

Laura and her partner Jill have done so much for the animals.
Contact Jill by phone, if you can help.. 606-376-8346.

Laura Coddington is the very wonderful lady who tried so very hard to
close down a horrible puppy mill in KY. a little over a year ago.
She actually lost her home over this whole thing, and still they
would not close down this puppy mill. They had over 2 hours of tapes
on the conditions inside this puppy mill, they ended up evicting her
from her home over this whole thing. She did it all for the animals,
and now she needs our help! Please everyone, pray for her child!

She has been such a wonderful friend to all of the animals in her
area, and she and her son need our prayers desperately now.

She will also need some help from the rescuers to help place the
animals she now has
in her rescue, as she will not be home at all, with her son being so
very ill in the hospital.
As soon as I find out the breeds and the ages of her animals, I will
re-post this
message for her, with that added info on it.
Thank you everyone for your time, and as I said,

Hi Joy, This is what we've got........

Urgent (at

3-- 8 wk old collie mixes all spayed and nuetered 2 like collies 1
like a border collie
all gentle and sweet
1 male border collie boxer mix under a year blk and white very mellow
and gentle
1 female border collie mix 5-6 months blk and white very mellow and
1 male border collie mix 4-5 years blk and white wild man
1 male chow mix puppy 8 mo old nuetered black very sweet loves
2 m/f lab mixes both spayed and nuetered black very sweet and
1 female beagle pointer mix spayed red and white wild woman
1 male cattledog/brdercollie mix 5-6 mo nuetered sweet and wild

The ones at my house (not as urgent
right now)

1 female tree walker tri colored
1 jack russell/lab mix 1 year exactly had her since she was 3 wks red
and white
1 sheltie pom spayed
1 doxy mini pin spayed

I really don't want to shift these guys a round they are to fragile
for that.
I just need to get pics and get them posted, so they can be placed
directly into their home instead of shifted around everywhere. If a
wonderful rescue or foster came through I would consider it but
really I just want to focus on the ones in red. I had a collie
rescue that was going to take the 3 puppies they had us to go ahead
and s/n
them and said they would pay for it. I think it fell through so now
we are in the hole for their vet bill. Any one who thakes them we
would have to get compensated for their spay and nueters only because
we didn't have the money up there to do it in the first place the
other group was supposed to pay for it. All the other ones we are
not concerned with being reimbursed for we just can't be in the hole
at our vet clinic.

Thank you very much for any help you can offer
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