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Lilly, bullied horse, help needed

A woman has been trying desperately to keep this horse from being abused, but needs help. Please see story below. ANY help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Lilly, the bullied former show horse

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – October is anti-bullying month, but victims of bullying aren’t always human.
You would never believe it by looking at the mare depicted in the images (see slideshow), but this horse is an American Quarter Horse and was bred very well. In fact, she sold for $15,000 when first bought as a weanling foal, according to Pamela, head of the nonprofit organization, The Nature Network, Inc.
View slideshow: Lilly, the bullied mare
Now named Lilly, this is her history. Lilly started out as a show horse. When her owner died and she was too old to be shown, she was resold for $5,000 and bred at around 18 years of age. Thereafter, she was relegated to being a “lesson” horse.
As a lesson horse at this particular stable, she was ridden for hours upon hours (about three or four times a day), every single day for 11 years, to teach little girls and boys how to ride. The stable owner, who also owns Lilly, made a lot of money from her.

Poor Lilly, beaten up and emaciated
Photo credit:
Pamela, The Nature Network

Now elderly and ridden to near exhaustion, Lilly found herself at the bottom of the "pecking order." This meant she was the victim of bullying by other horses. Unfortunately, the stable owner kept Lilly in the same corral with the horses who bullied her. She was kicked, bitten and never allowed to eat. As a result, Lilly became emaciated (she is about 300 pounds underweight), and sustained numerous injuries. One was a severe injury to her upper right leg, which is infected and inflamed. It appears Lilly was kicked so violently, her leg nearly broke. She can barely walk.
Lilly’s current owner – the stable owner - is not willing to shell out the funds necessary to have Lilly treated or seen by a vet. She is unadoptable and no longer fit to give riding lessons to provide the stable owner with income. It is likely Lilly could be auctioned off to be slaughtered.
Pamela has taken on the responsibility to ensure Lilly will live out her golden years in comfort. Pamela’s organization has saved the lives of many animals, including horses; but, like many animal-related nonprofits, donations are nearly nonexistent and expenses are usually paid for out of their own pockets.
Pamela is hoping to adopt Lilly. In the meantime, she asked Lilly’s current owner to keep her in a separate corral. Her response? No. Despite all the money Lilly has made for her as a lesson horse, the stable owner said the only way she would be willing to keep Lilly in a separate corral is if Pamela paid her $295 per month, which includes only starvation rations of food. Therefore, in addition to paying to have Lilly kept in a separate corral, Pamela has been supplementing her meager diet with hay and hay pellets, special weight-gaining grains with beet pulp, and other nutritional supplements. This requires an additional $125 to $150 per month.
Lilly is now in a separate corral, but only on the condition that Pamela come up with the funds to pay for her to stay there. Unfortunately, after having used her own credit card to pay for Lilly’s examination and treatment by a veterinarian, Pamela was only able to come up with part of the $295 for the current month of October. Lilly will go back into the corral with the rest of the horse population if she cannot pay off the balance for October, as well as pay for her boarding in the separate corral for the upcoming month while she makes arrangements for Lilly to go to another stable.
Furthermore, Lilly will need further veterinary care by a more experienced vet, including x-rays of her feet (which are damaged because she was overused as a lesson horse), a full blood panel, special remedial shoes on her front feet and follow-up vet visits. The first vet who saw Lilly said she has a chance at recovery. Pamela wants to give her that chance, stating, “After being abused like this, she deserves to have some humans, like us, who love animals, help her heal!”
Pamela’s goal is to adopt Lilly and have her rehomed at a much better facility, which is located nearer to her home. However, in addition to the expenses she needs (set forth, above), she will need to come up with two months of board, upfront – that is, $590 ($295 times two) and monthly board, thereafter. Pamela said she wants to get Lilly healthy and keep her happy until she dies.
If you can help with the expenses associated with ensuring Lilly lives - and lives happily and comfortably - please send a tax-deductible donation by PayPal and enter the following email address: LillyTheHorseFund at Please make sure you click on the “personal” tab and choose “gift” to avoid fees. You can also send your donation by U.S. mail to:
The Nature Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 66790
West Los Angeles, CA 90066
Note on check: Donation for Lilly
No amount is too small. Pamela will send updates and follow-up photos of Lilly’s new life.
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save lily
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help needed, horse

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