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Exclamation Please help this unhappy Doggy

Malysh (Baby)

Link to the page about it

This young, beautiful and courageous dog is named Malysh (Baby), he is only 3 years old and he is homeless. His story is terrible. Two years ago some dregs - veterinary surgeons- decided to use Malysh and two other male dogs for their awful experiments. Three poor dogs were operated without anaesthetic.
Besides castration, their genitals and urinary bladder were eliminated, ureter was exteriorized through rectum…

Malysh was the only one to survive…
It is hard to describe all physiological details, it hurts… As the urinary bladder was eliminated, his anus is constantly running with urine, a big wound has appeared that is more and more irritated. As the ureter was lead to the rectum, urine is being absorbed and Malysh is being intoxicated.

It is difficult to understand how he could survive outdoors. He is a very courageous dog. And he did not stop believing people: he is really a golden boy with a very friendly character. He looks like a metis of a Pointer and a Doberman.

Now Malysh needs an urgent operation to exteriorize the ureter to the abdomen. Otherwise, the suffering dog will die.
Then, Malysh has to live in a flat or a house with a loving owner who will change him diapers and see a doctor with him.
As soon as the owner is found, Malysh will be operated. His sufferings will stop. He will be saved from people’s cruelty.
Finding him a qualified and experienced doctor or a clinic abroad (Malish lives in Moscow, Russia) could also be a solution.

Please, save Malysh! He is worth it!!!

Contact person: Olga
phone (007) (095) 658-36-74
Mobile: (007)(916) 178-1996
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact me i speak english but i*m leaving in Israel
[email protected]

Olga does not speak English, so please write to her, and your letter will be translated.

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If this is true I'm sorry to hear it, but it sounds more like a scam than anything else.
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I*m sorry that sounds like that but this is the reality...this dog doesn*t search for money but for a human who will love him with all his minuses.By the way today the people from this forum will take him to a doc to check if it*s possible to pass this surgery.The [problem he is one from houndreds peets from the streets to whom the forum help and in plus he is an cripple.We advertise him averywhere doesn*t matter where Russia,USA,....if u would understand this languagge in the forum u would be sure that is not a scam.
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I'm sorry, but this sounds like a total scam. No vet in the world would do that, and if they did, they would be arrested right away. This is a joke.

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U think like that but don*t forget this is Russia where the people are dying cause of docs mistakes and they r not judjed(doctors) ..what to say about animals?they r not protected like in yr country and and other more developed countries than Russia...and if u don*t beleive look here i would like to see what u will say? Who do this? simple people or doc who understands what does he do..i*m sorry if i let u be sorry after this but this is a prove that it*s possible everything in this life
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Today they will make surgery...this is new picture..I pray for him and wish just good*s very hard surgery
this is just a whole with a bone
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These are new pics....after surgery the dock says that he don*t have a kidney also and so much things there are but it*s too medikal termins and it*s difficult to explain..sorry even in russian for me it*s difficult to understand..i*m not a dock.These are new pics We Hope he will face the problems and we will find for him a good human who -ll take care of him.We just pray for him he really deservs the best even he is stray dog unfortunately

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