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Transport Needed: Orlando, FL - Harriman, TN/Dec 13th

Transport help is needed on Saturday, December 13th
for 8 ferrets from Ferrets-n-Limbo shelter in Orlando,
FL to Rogue's Den Shelter & Sanctuary in Harriman, TN.
This is a shelter to shelter transfer. These ferrets
are from the recent Titusville rescue from several
months ago(110 ferrets seized altogether from a
collector/hoarder). This is a group of senior and
special needs ferrets.
ALL ferrets are up to date on vaccinations and have
been ADV tested(neg.). They will be traveling in fully
equipped carriers(bedding, food, water, litterboxes,
etc) and will have their paperwork. There will be
between 4-6 carriers altogether. Will have a definite
# as we get closer to the transport date.

The "passengers" are as follows(they don't have names,
only #'s...for now):

-#97 –Female Silver/Sable 3.5 ish
-#45 – Male Silver 4 ish
-#60 – Female Silver/panda 4.5 ish adrenal with
hairloss; active- no swollen vulva
-#43 - Female DEW(dark eyed white) MF ferret. Very
active now- did have slight discharge from vulva upon
arrival, but none since having Amoxi the first week.
Adrenal with a bald tail yet her vulval is fine now.
-#82 Male DEW(dark eyed white). Affectionately named
Tub-Tub. He definitely does not have long, but is
still active and very much a lover. Adrenal and
swollen spleen but no straining at all. We did blood
work and it’s fine with the exception that he did have
high electrolytes- but they said that could be effects
lingering from the bad diet these guys were on..
-#83 - Dark Sable/possible adrenal 3.5 – 4 y/o
-#86 - DEW female- more yellow than white
-#53 - champagne(?) female(?)...4-5 y/o (only got a #
and pic on this one, sorry)

Transport will start at 8am Saturday morning. If you
can help with any legs of this transport, please
e-mail me at [email protected] or
[email protected] Thanks!!


1) Orlando, FL - Ocala, FL (79.07 miles/1 hour 20 min)

2) Ocala, FL - Lake City, FL (81.92 miles/1 hour 25
min) **NEEDED**

3) Lake City, FL - Adel, GA (85.85 miles/1 hour 28
min) **NEEDED**

4) Adel, GA - Cordele, GA (64.38 miles/1 hour 7

5) Cordele, GA - Macon, GA (65.71 miles/1 hour 9

6) Macon, GA - Atlanta, GA (83.77 miles/1 hour 24

7) Atlanta, GA - Calhoun, GA (68.69 miles/1 hour 12
min) **NEEDED**

8) Calhoun, GA - Chattanooga, TN (52.00 miles/55
minutes) **NEEDED**

9) Chattanooga, TN - Harriman, TN (78.92 miles/1 hour
55 min) **NEEDED**
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this transport has been filled!! thank you, Plashette!!
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