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Transport Needed: Parkton, MD - Fort Worth, TX Feb 7th, 8th, and 14th

**permission to crosspost**

Transport is needed for 3 ferrets on Feb 7th, 8th, and
14th from Rocky's Ferret Rescue and Shelter in
Parkton, MD to their forever home (screened) in Fort
Worth, TX. The passengers are as follows:

-"Smokey" 7 m/o black sable male
-"Oh" marked white female
-"Miss Priss" 4 m/o champagne/cinnamon female

All ferrets are up to date on vaccinations (distemper
and rabies) and have been ADV tested(neg). All ferrets
are neutered/spayed. They will be traveling in fully
equipped carriers (there will be two carriers) and
also traveling with their paperwork. Transport will
begin at 8am Saturday. All times/distances are
approximate. If you can help with any legs of this
transport, please e-mail me at [email protected]
or [email protected]

Thank you!!

1) Parkton, MD - Falls Church, VA (80.39 miles/1 hr 26
min) **NEEDED**

2) Falls Church, VA - Fishers Hill, VA (75.13 miles/1
hr 19 min) **NEEDED**

3) Fishers Hill, VA - Stuarts Draft, VA (83.47 miles/1
hr 33 min) **NEEDED**

4) Stuarts Draft, VA - Roanoke, VA (83.44 miles/1 hr
31 min) **NEEDED**

5) Roanoke, VA - Wytheville, VA (78.76 miles/1 hr 24
min) **NEEDED**

6) Wytheville, VA - Bristol, TN (70.51 miles/1 hr 14
min) **NEEDED**

7) Bristol, TN - White Pine, TN (73.60 miles/1 hr 18
min) **NEEDED**

8) White Pine, TN - Knoxville, TN (42.78 miles/47
minutes) **NEEDED**

9) Knoxville, TN - Monterey, TN (87.94 miles/1 hr 29
min) **NEEDED**

********overnight needed*************

10) Monterey, TN - Nashville, TN (93.32 miles/1 hr 32
min) **NEEDED**

11) Nashville, TN - Eagle Creek, TN (80.67 miles/1 hr
19 min) **NEEDED**

12) Eagle Creek, TN - Leighton, TN (72.12 miles/1 hr
15 min) **NEEDED**

13) Leighton, TN - Memphis, TN (72.85 miles/1 hr 17
min) **NEEDED**

14) Memphis, TN - Brinkley, AR (71.93 miles/1 hr 7
min) **NEEDED**

15) Brinkley, AR - Little Rock, AR (69.15 miles/1 hr 6
min) **FILLED**

********overnight FILLED************

16) Little Rock, AR - Arkadelphia, AR (68.68 miles/1
hr 8 min) **FILLED**

17) Arkadelphia, AR - Texarkana, AR (77.81 miles/1 hr
17 min) **FILLED**

18) Texarkana, AR - Mount Vernon, TX (80.10 miles/1 hr
25 min) **FILLED**

19) Mount Vernon, TX - Terrell, TX (93.85 miles/1 hr
44 min) **FILLED**

20) Terrell, TX - Fort Worth, TX (68.89 miles/1 hr 13
min) **FILLED**
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