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Hi Everyone,
I am new so please bare with me if I mess this up. I have a year old ball python. Before I bought him I made sure to do my reseach on them and get my aquarium and everything ready for my new friend. I made sure to buy a captive bred baby, with both parents on site. I checked for mouth, eyes, etc to make sure I had a healthy baby. I keep his house (45 gallon tank w/driftwood, hollow log, swimming pools, vines, etc) at a nice 85 degrees with the humidty at around 60-70%. He eats 1 pre-killed mouse once a week, and has never gone off his feed.

Now this is the issue that has worried me.

The other day I had Kabootles (snake) around my neck and then I felt something wet on my neck. It was a clear liquied kinda sticky like tree sap. It was coming out of his mouth. I opened it to see if maybe it was mouth rot, but I couldn't find anything to suggest that that was what it was. I looked on the intenet and found a few things that it might be, a RI, or that it was gastric acid and that he was throwing up on me. I don't think he was trying to throw up on me because he had already digested his mouse from the week before and was getting ready to eat the next day, and as for a RI the liquied was coming out of his mouth. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I'm new here too. I have 2 Ball Pythons of my own and 2 in rescue. My first thought with yours is water. Did he drool fairly soon after you picked him up? Has he done it since? I have had this happen once when I picked up a snake after they have drank water and within a few minutes it sort of started to come out but it was thicker than water. All your husbandry sounds perfect. What substrate are you using? The possibility of an URI is there but unlikely, you would generally hear some whistling sounds too. If it definitely wasn't water, you can safely raise the temperature to 90 on the warm end and see how that does. Keep us posted and good luck.
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ball python, captive bred

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