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Ball Python, falling scales

My 6 Month Ball Python had really dry scales and I read to put neosporin or other type medication on them and it wouldn't harm them. so now the scales are falling off my snake! She seems fine and she's active and stuff but I can't lose my snake! I need help! I can't afford a vet and I don't know where to look.
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what is youre humidity ??temps?? keep using the neosporin...give him a warm 15-20minute bath...humidity should be 50-60% during shed maybe higher like 70-80%....temps should be like 92-94 on the warm side and the cool side about 82-84 no lower than like 78 but try to keep it in the lower 80s....use a digital/thermometer/hydrometer in/out temps which is $12 at walmart and is accurite.....also what is youre substrate....get him to the vet or at least talk to a good vet!!!
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Are you sure she just isn't simply shedding? Often snakes will shed in small pieces or even scale-by-scale if the conditions in their tank are incorrect - namely too hot and/or too dry. If there are no open wounds or blistering, Neosporin isn't necessary and simply increasing the humidity with regular misting will help her get through it, and like Slithers said, getting a thermometer and hydrometer will help you prevent issues like this in the future by making sure the conditions in the cage are proper. I realize vets can be expensive, but part of responsible pet ownership is being able to take your pet to one if the worst should occur.

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yeah or shedding in pieces could be the problem didnt think of that^lol
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hmmm, Sounds like it could be. Do you have a digital camera to take a picture of the are where the scales are supposedly falling? if they were falling there would probably be injury or exposed skin. Is there any kind of wound or difference in the area where its doing that? My ball pythons scales on his belly always seem almost loose and catch on my top all the time. It used to worry me all the time(He was one of my earlier snakes). And if its really a scale it should be hard. If its really soft and easilly bent then its skin , a tip in telling
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