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The stick on ones are terribly inaccurate! You need to get a digital one with a probe, like this....
You can also find them at Walmart, and they are called 'indoor/outdoor' thermometers.
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Not eating for 2 weeks is nothing.
I have rescued snakes that depending on how often they were fed previously, havent eaten for up to 2 months.

I offer food every 5-7 days. Some of my guys eat some dont. \

Squiggs my 13ft Dwarf Reticulated Python will eat 1 large rat LIVE in a rubber maid every week.

However i have a 8ft rescued Burm who was only being feed every 3 months, i have had here for about 1 yr, she has had some issues with injuries etc. Now that humidity is up temp is good, she sheds well, yet still she only eats every 3 weeks. We went from 3 months to 3 weeks.

Also none of my guys will eat right before they shed.

Hope this helps you- all you can do is offer food different types if possible. And if she seems to become lethargic, or hasnt eaten for about 5 -6 weeks depending on how she ate before this.

Take Her To A Vet

Hope this helps!
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A lot of snakes and lizards will slow down their eating or stop all together in the winter months. Making sure your temps are accurate, however is a must.
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Thank you everyone. He actually shed last week, all in one piece and I was very happy and he even ate a mouse right after that...even more excited So I guess it was just a combination of not enough heat and shedding. Thank you all again
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That's great. We worry so much about our babies when something is out of the ordinary!!! I'm happy all is well !
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