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Unhappy Help! Advice needed!

I have a 4 year old ball python. First of all, she is so timid. She NEVER comes out of her shelter. Ever. I take her out every couple of days and she does fine when I handle her, but she never comes out when she's in her terrarium. Is there anything I can do about that?

And another thing is her water bowl. The water in it evaporates, which is fine and dandy, but when I refill it or get it wet again, the bowl is so slimy and nasty. And if I just pour more water into it without cleaning it, the slimy film comes off the bowl and chunks of it float around the water and it's just disgusting. Is there anyway I can prevent this?? I've seen water conditioners at pet stores, but I don't know if that will help me with my problem.

And I would take it out and clean it every time, but the bowl is really heavy and it's hard to get out of the tank.

Any advice??
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first of all, ball pythons like to hide, they usually are most active at night or after they eat. i have 2 ball pythons and neither one of them ever come out except at night or after i feed. but dont take the shelter out because they feel safe when they hide, if you take it away, they feel unprotected and become stressed.

algea tends to grow in plastic water bowls. im not sure why, but it does. that is the green slimy stuff that floats around. i went to the pet store and got a "natural" water dish, which is pretty much a hollowed out rock. it doesnt get slimy when the water stays in too long, and i dont have to take it out to clean it every time i water my snakes, i just fill it up with a cup and clean it out every time i feed. i hope i have answered some of your questions.
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My only question is do you have two hides? Ball pythons need two hides one for the warm side and one for the cool side. This way they can switch from one hide to another and still feel secure.
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i do have 2, i was told that they need their own space and they arent cuddling when they are together one hide.
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Sometimes when a snake is hiding a lot it's just hiding a lot. But if you notice one hiding more than usual it could be a temp. thing. We have noticed if things get too cold our corns will hid under their rock right over the heater, if it's too warm they'll get all the way at the cool side slammed between the water bowl and the glass so you may want to monitor your temps.
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Well think of how a snake would be in the wild - they hide under rocks and logs and such most of the time and come out to look for food, or to regulate their temperature.

I think snakes just like to hide a lot, it's normal for them. I wouldn't worry unless there are other indications that they could be sick or that the temperature arn't right.

How often do you clean the water bowl? I would clean it well at least once a week. If your still having trouble with gunk build up I would say look into another water bowl, either one that doesn't build up like that or one that's easier for you to take out and clean.

Good luck!

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If you want youre snake to be healthy, clean the bowl with soap and hot water every time you fill it up. Lots of work but its worth it!
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My first thought is that if water is sitting so long it has a chance to grow fungus, mildew, or algae, it is not being changed out often enough, or it could simply be that the bowl itself is contaminated and causing it. Any kind of material that is porous can easily get stuff growing down inside where it can be very difficult to clean it properly. Like others suggested, try a new bowl, and clean frequently. Snakes often prefer very fresh water to water that which has been sitting in their bowl for days anyway.

Second, ball pythons hide. That is perfectly normal behavior, they are nocturnal and generally shy... but you mention "cuddling"? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you and jumping the gun, but snakes by-in-large are solitary creatures (with the exceptions of brumation and breeding season) - so should really not be housed together, at all. This could be causing stress, thus causing an inclination to hide more than normal. They're not cuddling, they're competing for the best hiding spot, or the good spot for warmth. Not to mention, all snakes are opportunistic predators. I have received more than one rescue snake because the owner freaked out after their once cute pet ate his cage mate. Not saying that will happen to your snakes, I've heard of hundreds of cases of snakes being housed together for years without issue, but I can't really see why anyone would want to take that chance.

Another thing to consider is that it is winter. Most of us keep our houses at a pretty constant temperature, but in the winter things naturally cool off a bit, there is less sunlight coming in the windows, and snakes can recognize these changes even if they aren't actually out in the elements. This can be enough for them to decide it is time to brumate (hibernate), and thus hide more than they might when it gets warmer.

It may just be because my snake collection is a rather large one, but I tend to prefer simple and easy when it comes to cage maintenance. If a water bowl is large and heavy to move, and difficult to keep clean, I'd just chuck it out and get something easier to deal with. The simpler the setup, the easier it is to keep clean, the less tinkering you have to do with it, generally the happier the snake.

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I have the same problem. My girl won't come out at all. I hardly ever ee her in the cool end. Temps and humidity are right on. I bought on of those filters for the faucet and haven't seen green since
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