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Question Jungle Carpet Pythons (as pets)

Anyone have or have had experience with this particular snake?
Advice? Links?
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Jungle Carpet Pythons are usually put on the "second tier" of snakes that are a little more involved to care for than ones typically considered starter snakes like ball pythons or corn snakes. They are semi-arboreal, so need climbing space, and have more stringent humidity requirements or they will have difficulty shedding. They also are capable of growing quite large, depending on the bloodline. I've seen some of the pure Australian ones grow upwards of eight feet, but since most Jungle Carpet Pythons in captivity now are not pure-blooded (since Australia does not allow export, they're mixed with species from New Guinea and selectively bred for their bright coloration), they don't get that large - topping out around five or six feet, but you have to realize that they come from a genus of snakes which has members that are capable of getting quite large, so the potential for a decent size has to be considered when getting one.

I've have mixed experiences with them. Some that were very fussy feeders, and even preferred birds, and others that were no problem at all. I've had some that were perfectly calm, and others that were feisty and liked to bite. All in all though, they are very cool snakes, and once you get their husbandry down it is very easy to maintain. Almost all are captive bred now, so finding a quality animal isn't too difficult.

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Nice snake.I think i'll definately look into getting one in the future as a pet.After researching they aren't the snake for me just yet.But eventually ...
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they are interesting
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Like i told ya. get a corn first . BTW, only 2 or 3 days before Bender Sheds. Ill let you know if theres any action afterwards!
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Thanks bunches!!
& Camille- as soon as you said not a good beginner snake,I pretty much knew I wouldn't be able to get one.I wouldn't even be able to house the poor thing,so definately not.
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haha speaking of jungle carpets, I had a weird dream that i was back in high school and the whole school was taking their grad pics and this guy was there trying to give me his snake wich looked like a cross between a tree boa and tree python and i was completely amazed and said yeah and my friends were all like are you sure and i was like oh yeah just a nippy snake i can handle it and it kept biting my hand and ihad bleeding wounds all over my hand and it was burning and hurting but i didnt care.

Very odd dream lol!!
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Cute,very very cute
Snakes are amazing,can't wait to start my own little "collection"
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I have a jungle carpet, the Empress. She is gorgeous and has never bitten me except once by mistake (mine) when I picked her up and she was still asleep.I bought her as a hatchling, she's about two now. I've looked at other hatchlings, one of them was so nippy it was unbelievable but I dare say it would have become handleable as it grew older. They are beautiful snakes, I often take the Empress with me to show to groups who are unsure about whether or not they like snakes. I converted one of my colleagues recently; a woman who had a real horror of snakes. Her family wanted a snake she was really scared but after a session with the Empress who I took into work with me, she has come around to liking them and they now have two corns. My other colleagues are asking that I bring more snakes in soon, lol.
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