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Therapy please!!

I am excited to have found this site!! I can't wait to talk to people who understand and love animals as much as I do. Here's my story, I hope I don't bore you, I just need to vent!!! I am a teacher in a small rural school in Missouri. This is my 9th year of teaching at the same school. I love my job!!! I am also an avid animal lover, and made the decision last year to buy a pet for my classroom. I wanted something unique and exotic!! Not just some hamster. After doing much thinking, researching, and with permission from my superintendent, I decided on a red-tail boa constrictor. I named her Grace, and she became the best thing that ever happened to my classroom. She was the best teacher. She taught measurement in math, poetry, research, animal husbandry, responsiblity, respect, and unconditional love. The students in all grades loved her, and couldn't wait to be in Mrs. Scotten's class (because of Grace). Well, it is halfway through another year. Right before the Christmas break, my principal came and told me that the school board wants "the snake" to be taken home and not brought back. I was not given a reason. When I returned from break I learned from one of my students (her Uncle is on the board) that I was "taunting" the teachers with my snake. This is such Bull hockey. Yes, all the teachers, the men were the worst, were scared to death of her, therefore out of respect for this, I kept her hid, and avoided people in the hall whenever I could. I always thought I got along with all of my colleagues, but obviously not. I have no idea who would have been such a baby about this!!! Why couldn't they have just given me a warning, and asked me to not let her out of my room, or something. They are punishing my students more than they are me. I bought her for my kids!! Although I have grown extremely attached to her, and love her dearly myself!!! This has just really honked me off!! I wish there was something I could do for revenge!! Although I know that's not the way to be. I also don't want to lose my job. I guess I just need to talk to people who understand and someone needs to say something to make me feel better, and cool my anger!!! Thanks for listening or rather reading!!!
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I am sorry you and your students have to go through this. It is not fair, and quite frankly pretty juvenile on the part of the "other teacher" that lied.

I would hope they would give you a chance to defend her and yourself but since that doesn't appear to be the case I would take her home and just "deal" with it as best as you can. I'd be afraid of what they'd do to her otherwise if you didn't.

Obviously, fear is the main factor involved here. Kinda pathetic IMO, but hey.. that's people for ya.

Remember, stooping to their level is beneath you. You are setting an example for your students.
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One thing to consider, is that some people have outrageous fears when it comes to snakes. Fears that sometimes have no real explaination, and they defy all attempts at any type of education. I do reptile education programs, and I see it all the time. To some of these people, just having the snake in the building could be considered threatening. They don't even have to go near the snake or even see it. Just the knowledge that it is there scares them, and in turn, I would assume being a teacher, they would feel the students were at some sort of risk as well.

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I am stronger than these people, and will not stoop to their level. They will get what's coming to them in time!!! Grace is home, and my family, friends and I will enjoy her here.
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People will never get over that un explainable fear of a snake. when you think of it its mainly the fact that TV shows them eating antelopes do they mention that those antelopes are actually johnsons dick dicks. a fully grown retic couldnt eat a ddog if it tried.

Besides as long as they are well fed and handled properly that are sweet and loviung.

But people see tham basicly as carniverous worms who constrict.

I tell them they have to do that to get becaue the lack of opposible thumbs and fingers prohibits them from using a knife or gun.

I am sorry you have to go through this, but some people just seriously suck!
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