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wanting to look at getting a ball python

so I really want to look at getting a ball python in the future. I am usally horrified of snakes but almost all boas and pythons I have ever meet seem like amazing animals but I did have some questions about them

Ok this will seem odd I know but I am very aganist killing a live animal for the sake of another. I know that some animals like most herps require that they eat this way but I thought I have heard people say you can feed the snake pre frozen pinkies that you heat up. So that their heat recptors can pick up on them.

I own rodents in my house...and I know that when I do get the snake I would need to be extra careful so that either one could get to each other and potentailly hurt each other.

so I do know I would need to keep that in mind, but I don't plan to look into getting the snake until I move out of my mothers house where i am now.
lol since she really does not have found ness for snakes that much.

Another thing I was wondering can you do bin cages for snakes? if not thats fine...

lol just something I wondered is all, gonna try to by some book on the subject like I do with any of the pets. But any advise from you all would also be great
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I don't know what this post is above me but we currently own two ball pythons, a blood python, a Brazilian rainbow boa, and a costal carpet python, five rats and two cats, so I am very familiar with the animal kingdom problems and housing situations. I would advise that you do extensive research on any snake that you get, but ball pythons are actually the least aggressive snake, so they would be a great starter. For you questions, yes some snakes will eat frozen/thawed, but not all of them will. Our blood for example refuses to eat frozen thawed. Every snake just like every person has their preferences, so when you are buying the snake make sure that you ask the breeder if they are feeding frozen thawed or not before buying the snake. A good place to look for snakes from well known breeders is on a website called kingsnake.com under the classifieds you can find all different types of animals. Snakes can be kept in anything from plastic containers to glass aquariums. If you are going to keep it in a plastic container just make sure that it is large enough for the snake to move around, have water and a hide. Our balls are currently in 10 gal plastic tubs that we drilled holes into the sides for air ventilation. Humidity and temperature regulation is important in keeping snakes, so make sure that you don't put too many or too few holes for your snake and that you have a hygrometer and a thermometer in the tank at all times to regulate temperature. Ball pythons are really tree climbers or barriers, so just a long tub would be fine for a while until they get bigger. For aquariums, it is a basic aquarium, but you have to buy a special screen top for the top. To regulate humidity and temp on these you have to put a towel over the top and regulate how much the towel is covering the top. Well I think this will get you started for now, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. Have a great day!
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thanks for the info! thats a lot of good info to go off of for now.

yeah I can't truly get anything just yet...since I still live at home lol and my slight phobia of snakes is nothing compared to my mom's so I would need to look into getting any new snake when I had a place of my own.

lol so I guess that means I have some time before hand to research.

we actually have a VERY good local pet store here that I am considering buying from when the time is right their animals are always very good.

and I am sure they don't contribute to **** like mills and such.
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ball python

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