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Smile what kind of snake?

Hi everyone! I have been thinking about getting a slithery addition to my still small menagerie, but I was wanting to make sure the snake I get wouldn't try to attack my other pets in case (s)he were to ever get out. I currently have a bunny and a box turtle. Anything helps!!
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Hi,I guess one thing I need to know is what part of this great world do you live,and if you know the wildlife/laws.If not you may want to check with your local pet store to see what snakes you are premitted to keep.
In Ohio we have laws about keeping native reptiles.Corn snakes are my favorite(albino)they are beautiful,inexpensive,and always eaten well for me. They don't get big enough to eat bunnies.Just mice.
But there are so many wonderful snakes out there.
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I do live in Ohio, and less expensive is a good thing, because I'm a poor college student...like most.
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i have a milk snake and he has turned out fine for me. but i just got him and he's shedding so i don't know if he has a bad eating habit or if he is just shedding.but if he eats, he is awesome.
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I have a red-tail boa, although they get big, but not real huge!!! She has a wonderful personality. I have had her in my classroom at school. She is so wonderful around the kids, she loves to be handled!!! I have grown so attached to her!!!
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try a smallish snake
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I know this is two years later, but RED TAILED BOAS GET TO BE 8-12ft LONG
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get a Puget Blue Sound. I can hook you up with a breeder. 35$ snake plus shipping. He is very guarenteed, and I can give you contact info. One Puget is great in a 20 gallon, 2 should be 25 or 30 though.
They are good, and 2 feet for them is considered large. He should have a litter in April.
www.edgyexoticreptiles.com is his website.
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box turtle, corn snake, corn snakes, local pet store, pet store

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