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Look what we found last night!!

It was dark outside and Kenny went out to the garage for something when he noticed the snake. He yelled for me to come outside and we were able to snap a few pics.

It's a copperhead, which is a pitviper. A venomous snake. Definitely the kind you DO NOT want to come in contact with.

We did not want to get close so I had to use the zoom. I didn't have the tripod setup and I was a little shakey because I was nervous... so they're not the best pictures. And it was dark out, we used a spotlight. Since it wasn't a *controlled* enviroment, we were both nervous. In the last pic, he was ready to come at us. That's when we backed up even more. UGH.

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OMG!!! That is so scary! I would've run away screaming! I ran away when I saw one of those little garden snakes. I can't stand snakes! I'm glad you guys are okay, and awesome pictures.
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I too would have ran. Forget taking pictures. I can't believe you were both that gutsy. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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Thanks for the pics, man they look cool....sorry I love sn akes I tamed a garter snake, well as tame as they can get, for my pastors son one time lol. By the time I gave it to him, it was wrapped around my wrist as I walk thru the house. Mom still shudders to thi nk lol
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OMG Jodi you both have some gutts, I would of ran screaming like a little girl
I remember visiting a friend in Arkansas and she and Darren were joking around about snakes and she mentioned about the 6ft + copperhead that lived under her shed and I was like okay yeah whatever, we proceeded to walk through the property and all of sudden she screamed OMG the snake isn't under my shed "Kim watch out" OMG I was running with my knees touching my chin about 100+ mph I was screaming and running, screaming and running, and she and Darren proceeded to laugh and then told me that was the funniest thing they had ever seen, they were just kidding me, but what a way to give someone a heart attack ya know? EEK!!!
Thought you all could use a laugh
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You stopped for PICTURES???? You are looney tunes! I would have been screaming, running, dancing, and wetting myself all at once!
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wow they are awesome pictures Jodi! Thanks for stopping to take the shots!!! Can I ask what you did after you take the pics?

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Of course I stopped for pictures!! Ya'll know how I am!!

Carmen, we watched him (from a distance) until he slithered off into the woods headed towards our neighbor's land. It got our hearts beating pretty fast and was a good reminder to be aware of what's out there.

Now, if it would've been a cottonmouth (water mocassin), I would NOT have stopped to take pictures. I've heard lots of horror stories on how aggressive they are. They will stand their ground and I hope I never cross paths with one!!
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Wow what an awesome snake. Thanks for taking the pictures -- I'm glad he didn't attack you guys though.
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Wow, awesome pics! I would have been scared! It reminds me of an encounter that I had one time when I caught my cats looking out our sliding glass door with their hair standing on end. I looked down and saw a 4 foot snake stretched across my patio! That sure got my heart pounding. I called animal control (we live in an apt complex) and a police officer came. He tried to get the snake in a bag and it kept striking at him. I felt like I was watching the discovery channel! I was freaked out and it wasn't even a poisonous snake so I can imagine how you felt!

BTW, the snake was let go in an area where he would be safer.
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I would have ran screaming and peeing my pants. I HATE snakes.
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I'm not afraid of snakes but I have a healthy respect for them.

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copperheads rule, they are one of my faves, i plan on having a few when i get my own place. cottonmouths (water moccasins) arnt as aggressive as the stories youve heard. They much rather slither away then waste their venom on something they cant eat. just keep your distance and respect the snakes space and it will respect yours and go away.
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Lady is right, of all the venomous snakes I've worked with, cottonmouths are among the calmest and most predictable. They've just been given bad press. In fact, all snakes are. Only time they're going to mess with you is if you mess with them. They just want to get away from you.

Btw, copperheads do not get to 6 feet. I believe the record for a copperhead was 52 inches. Most are more around 32 or so inches. Record cottonmouth was 6 foot, but animals over 4 foot are a rarity. Especially nowadays. The monster specimins are very few and far between.


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Originally Posted by Ravnos
Btw, copperheads do not get to 6 feet.
Rav they were just playing with my mind and I fell for it, hahaha!!!!
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animal control

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