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20g + Desire for Gecko = ?????

I've narrowed it down to either a Crested or a Leopard.

I have an empty 20g wide aquarium sitting here. I found it down in the basement lol. Scrubbed it down, clean as a whistle now. But now I need help deciding what to put in it.

I am looking for something that can be handled a little bit. I work fulltime and go to school as well, so I'm not here alot during the day.

Will a 20g wide be able to house a Crested? I read somewhere else that I need a 20g tall to house one happily. Is this true?

What are the pros and cons of both?
Which one gets bigger?
Which seem to have more "personality"?

I was thinking of maybe getting a pair of whichever species. Would 20g would be sufficient enough?

I've spent the last week or so reading everywhere.. figured I might as well get involved now.

I just want to be prepared and have everything setup 100%, and be able to control the temp in my tank before I bring a gecko home. And I need to decide which one to get before I can start the tank lol.

Any advice/opinions/stories? Thanks
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i've no experience with reptiles, but i do believe you'll be okay with a gecko in a 20 gal

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I think that would be big enough for a Crested but I don't know about a pair. I personally wouldn't house a pair of either species in that size tank.

I prefer Crested geckos myself . But I don't actually keep Leos.

In general, Cresties seem easier to tame and I haven't met an aggressive one ever (though I know it's possible!). They are also cuter to me .

Some pros and cons...

-Crested geckos don't require special heating or lighting. Leopard geckos need heating.

-Crested geckos don't need to eat insects while Leopard geckos do.

-Crested geckos are a bit more delicate and if their tails break off they will never grow back. Leopards are hardier and can re-grow their tails.

-Crested geckos need a humid environment and their tank needs to be misted on a regular basis. A leopard gecko's tank shouldn't need misting except sometimes during shedding.

I hope that helps .


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I love both species...but I have two leo's and no cresties!

Leo's are not very active,but tolarate handling.I have never been bitten and they are quite friendly.They do need heat tho,up in the high 80's and 90's.Light is not a requirement and they do not need UVB or anything special like that.

Leo's are a good beginner reptile.

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I have kept both crested and leos, and yes two will work in a 20 gallon, for crested you need to turn it on it's end and use a lid that clamps to the tank as one of the sides, this way it will have plenty of climbing room. You shouldn't over handle any reptile both of these species tolerate occasional gentle handling fairly well. The rest is up to your preference. They're appearance and behavior is quite different. Some leos do better with handling because they're not as prone to the jumping that young cresteds tend to do. Crested tend to be more fun to watch because of greater activity level and climbing behaviors, etc.

Cresteds are a little more expensive to buy usually, but cheaper to keep because they eat less live food and do not require a heat source. On the other hand, I actually have more leos because I've always had a soft spot for them, all up to you. There are great discussion forums with lots of info on both at faunaclassifieds.com if you're still curious.
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crested gecko, leopard gecko

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