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Exclamation Beardie Help

Hi ppl not long since my last post but i ... well my dad needs a little help. 1 of our beardies (female) has been hiding behind a plant in the cool end of the tank she stays there until we can prise her off and move her to get warm. just a week before she seemed to be fine picking on her other tankmate (playfully by the way and hes bigger lol) and then started digging holes everywhere. Personally i believe she is broody or pregnant but i have checked and all seems clear.
i need a little help as i am not into beardies as i have 2 leos who are breeding like mad by the way so anyhelp would be great

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Not completely sure but from the little bit I do know is that she should have some nice soft safe dirt to dig in and make sure she is getting plenty of calcuim and d3. I'm sure there are more experienced herp owners than me so hopefully they will see this soon and respond.
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If they're a pair and are adults, and she's trying to dig, its likely she's gravid. Its important she's given an appropriate nest box so she can lay the eggs, and binding doesn't occur. If she actually is gravid, double up on the calcium for a while to replace what was lost in the egg creation. Other things can cause what you're describing too, stress for one. Male beardies tend to be a little pushy, and will almost always try to take the best basking spots, the best food, etc. The female may be simply trying to get away from him the only way she knows how.

Anyway, all the beardies I've dealt with are kind of picky about how they want a nestbox to be made. I generally end up moving them to a large Rubbermaid type tub nearly filled with a mix of organic humus, peat, and play sand. I give her at least a good foot deep to dig in, and put a heat pad underneath it. Every time, they go right to the warmest, and deepest spot to lay.

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Beardies really shouldn't be housed together...It really can stress out the female. Breeding isn't pleasant and is pretty rough on her. And whether she is gravid or not, he is going to want to mate all of the time....My best advice to you is to separate them.
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nest box

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