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Question Do you think my dragon is sick?

I have 2 bearded dragons, about 3 1/2 mo. old. The female has always been larger and more hungry than the male.

Recently, it seems as though the female is not growing. She is eating and having regular bms, but the male has grown much larger than her and she seems to have leveled out.

Then this past week, her head turned dark white/gray (she's a Mango), and stayed that way. She usually sheds one body part at a time - so her head would turn misty-white and shed within a day or two. This time seems different. Her head turned a SOLID white color and stayed that way - no sign of shedding.

She is also spending a lot more time in the cool parts of the tank, and going to sleep early and getting up late. Not very active.

We recently made a couple of changes and I'm wondering if she somehow got sick. We changed the basking zone because they had outgrown their original one. But I've confirmed the temps are 105-110 on top and the cool zones are about 83 during lights on.

We also stopped feeding them crickets over the last month, and have been feeding them super worms, pellets, and collard greens. (the crickets were driving me crazy with the chirping!).

The male looks incredibly healthy and is thriving - so it seems to me that if one of the changes is causing her behavior, it would be bothering him too, and it isn't.

The only other thing I know to do is to try to make sure she's not dehydrated, so we've been spraying her and giving her occasional baths. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

Do you think she's sick? Could she be trying to brumate already? And if so, why is her head such a strange color? They're our first lizards, so I have no experience with this yet.

Any thoughts/suggestions/like experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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I have never encountered this kind of situation with my bearded. However, my bearded likes to go into his hide-rock regularly throughout the year. If he stays in longer than a day, I take him out and put him in his basking spot.

I would advise that you continue to monitor her activities and try to put her in her basking spot each day. If the same conditions persist for 2 more days, I would contact a vet.
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I would see a vet just in case. If she is having trouble shedding it is a sign that other issues -- dietary, environmentally, etc. -- are in question.

And it may be a little to early to switch from the crickets -- as much as you hate it. Superworms are awfully hard for them to digest.
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Thanks LizardGirl & Elfomatic!

I've been throwing crickets in there with her again and I can tell that makes her feel better. The guy loves the worms, but I guess she loves the crickets! Probably the worms were upsetting her tummy as you suggested.

I also contacted the breeder and he said that his lizards have very tough skins on their heads and that she wasn't sick - she was just having trouble peeling. It took her over 2 weeks of having a sickly colored white head, but she's finally peeling today so I can see the pretty Mango underneath! She looks so much better!!
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That's great news!!!!!
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Good for you! Awesome news!
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Dragon question

Separate your dragons. Males can be very territorial and deprive females of food, and if she is sick, you dont want the female to give it to the male. Take a stool sample to the vet to make sure she doesn't have any parasites.

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