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DONT KNOW WHAT TO CHOOSE!! Leo or the beardy???

Hello every one!!!! im new around here and im loving it animal lovers everywhere hehe soooo ....OK!

i want a new pet but im just STUCK! i go to the pet store alot as i have a yorkie and chins and i love to spoil them hehe

everytime i pass the reptile's i stop and some of them come up to the cage while others could well careless and there was a new animal a veiled Chameleon and as i stood there he climbed ALL the way down and walked to the glass and started to fallow my finger much to my amusement hehe but sadly iv heard there alot of work and money but i found i wanted a new pet so now im stuck iv have wanted a leo since i was in 5th grade and now after liking the one at the petstore as well and hearing how alot of people like them a beardy but well i dont want to just listen to a petstore as well they will just say good things as to sale me somthing so i though id ask people who really would know you kno? so what would be a good pet to someone who has kids around on weekends and sometimes weekdays who's hour switch from day to night , who cant really spend an arm and leg but would like a pet the gould well hold and would be somewhat amuseing and would act like they give alittle??
any info would be great !
and if there is another reptile out there you thing would be cool let me kno as i might have missed it??

THANKS A BUNCH GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's one of those decisions that you really have to make yourself, they're all good pets for the right people .

However, I would look into crested geckos, they sound like a pet you'd like! Bearded dragons are great but they will cost a lot more than the geckos because they need a large enclosure, heating, and UVB lighting. Leopard geckos just need heat (from a reptile heating pad, for example) and crested geckos don't need heat or lighting unless your house is especially cold. A single leopard or crested gecko would be fine in a 20-gallon as an adult (and smaller geckos can be started out in a 10-gallon). Both geckos can be handled (they are technically nocturnal, though, and are more receptive to handling later in the day and at night).

Remember, though, that reptiles in general aren't affectionate in the same way as dogs or cats. Many species (like the ones you're interested in) tolerate handling but very few reptiles seem to "enjoy" it.


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Personally, Im very very biased towards beardies LOL

I love how big they are, how much personality they have, and how they seem to "bond" to you more than other reptiles. I absolutely love my boy to death!
But, they are pretty expensive. Ill give you a quick run-down of their care:

- Babies eat ALOT. Prepare to go through a minimum of 300 crickets a week. When I raised a baby, I spent $15-$20 a week on food. Adults that are 2 years or older are alot cheaper to feed since they eat maily veggies and 30-50 live feeders a week. I usually spend $3 a week on Dudleys food.
-They need good quality UVB lights. The only good UVB light on the market right now is the ReptiSun 10.0... The other UVBs out there have been having alot of issues. UVB lights need to be replaced every 6 months, so thats $50-$100 a year.
-They need big cages. A 40 gallon breeder is the smallest cage they can be housed in, but a cage that is 4'X2' is much better.
- They need to be tested for parasites at least once a year, and that can be anywhere from $24-$70 (depending on the vet, and what tests they do) plus the costs of any de-worming meds.
- Dont forgot accessories! Heat lamps and bulbs, flouescent light fixture for the UVB light, hides, rocks, substrate (NO sand or loose substrate!!), digital thermometers, food dishes... ect.

Also, keep in mind that these guys get fairly big- up the 24" long! My boy, Dudley, would be around 20" if he had a full tail, and he weighs over a pound. If you still are considering one, PM me and I can show you some great sites and care info.

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bearded dragon, leopard gecko

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