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eggs! not yet! but soon!

My iguana kermit (kerma) is showing all the signs for being close to laying eggs, "his" belly is looking lumpy, "he" is a little restless and more thirsty than normal, however instead of not eating much it seams he is always hungry and eating a lot more. and so i have a nesting box in "his" cage and my roommate today said "he" spent a long time digging around in there today.

This is my first iguana, (i've had "him" for a year and a few months now) and i decided i would rather have a male iguana because i fear egg binding but i think my wishful thinking of naming him kermit, and calling him a him for a year didn't work out. there are no signs that it is indeed a boy... and i'm happy to have a girl iguana...

anyway.. i'm really excited for his interest in the box because i was worried my make shift box wouldn't be attractive to him but i think i made it alright.

I got 2 wonderbox paper litter boxes zip tied together with coconut fiber dirty stuff for the diggin. I've read many websites and have the ultimate iguana manual so i'm not feeling unprepared but just excited

i'll keep you updated!
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litter box, litter boxes

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