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found eggs! need help!!!

me and my dad were getting the bbq ready when we opend a little door to turn the gas on and a egg fellout!!!it broke but i looked in the little door and saw another!when were door bbqing i will put a little dot on the top of it and try to get it out but i dont no what else to do!!!help!!
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Sorry, not much info to go on, ...hard to give you any kind of answer.


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if you can leave it where it is, that's your best bet. if its a reptile egg, its not meant to be moved around, and you could damage the developing embryo. If you have to move it, put a dot on top, and then keep it as steady as possible, and transfer it to another safe, dark, undisturbed location.

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My Daughter Loves To Catch Lizards And She Caught On Saturday(the Brown Lizards) Anyway It Was Pretty Fat And We Thought That As Fat As It Was That Maybe She Was Going To Hatch Eggs. We Haven't Thought Anymore About It Until We Came Home Tonight And Their Was An Yellow Looking Round Ball In The Cage. We Think That It Might Be An Egg But We Don't Know For Sure. Is There Anybody On Here That Help Us Find Out? Please Let Us Know If You Know. Thank You. This Is For My Little 6 Year Old Girl That Loves Lizards.
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well this is what i know about iguanas at least, just because they are fat doesn't mean they have eggs, if it is a smooth fat it probably means they won't, it can just mean they had a big lunch

i don't know any reptile that has ONE egg, they aren't like chickens they have several at one time and either once or a few times a year.

In any matter it wouldn't be good if you keep a wild lizard that is laying eggs it is very stressful on them to lay eggs to begin with it takes alot of their calcium and at least with iguanas they have so many eggs it is impossible to eat much for 2 or so weeks before they lay eggs. so after laying they look like death.

I suggest releasing your lizard that she caught and if you really want her to have a lizard research first and get her one from a breeder or good store.

some first lizards that are good are: Bearded dragons, how ever they are big and take some taming first they can be handled.

Armidillo lizards: less handle able but smaller and can be kept happy in a 10+ tank

anoles: somewhat handleable and fun to watch in a tank

geckos: fun to look at

you need to do research though on what lighting and heating you need to make your lizard happy


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