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Fruit Flies Anyone??

Ok this is starting to drive me crazy.
I change my cresties food every other day and lately whenever i open up their tanks the fruit flies are ridiculous. im setting up fruit fly traps that i learned to make on youtube to try to lessen their numbers outside the tanks for when they fly out but how can i get rid of them in the tanks? does anyone else have problems like this? The only thing thats different is Repashy is now producing a complete crested gecko diet with the different fruit flavours so i think this is why the increase in fruit fly population

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im not sure if this would be safe for a crested gecko but when we had fruit flys at work we use to cut a pop bottle in half turn the top into the bottom part and put juice in it so theyd fly in but couldnt fly out ...... maybe this would work. basically its this except we used plastic pop bottles

which made it look like this except with juice instead of fruit so theyd drown

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Imma have to try that bottle thing we have fruit flies in the house thanks to my new roommate and they dont want to die x.x
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I just set out a small dish of apple cider vinegar (regular vinegar would work, too, I just have better results with the apple) with a few drops of soap. They're attracted to the vinegar but can't get back out because of the soap.


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I had a fruit fly problem after adopting 2 turtles and bringing their terrarium into my apartment. I tried setting homemade traps but that made no difference. What I did was throw out all the old bedding and their hiding log. I used newspaper in their cage for a week or two and made sure to take out the trash frequently, not leave food or drinks around and wipe food preparation surfaces after every use. Hope this helps.....
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As a fellow keeper of geckos that eat CGD, here's what has worked for me:

First, get rid of any foods that are sitting around, including dirty dishes in the sink.
Put some fly paper up near your gecko cages.

Next, count on leaving any cup of CGD in the gecko's tank for no longer than 2 days. After 2 days, you're not going to throw it in the garbage can--instead, seal it in a ziplock bag, or throw it in a trash can OUTSIDE of your home. They will happily breed in the CGD, and that is probably what is happening.

If you can keep all of this up for a month, including keeping the gecko cages nicely cleaned (in case they're breeding in the gecko droppings as well), the flies should disappear. We are currently fruit-fly free (except for the flightless ones that I culture), so it worked, here.
Just remember--if fruit flies can breed in it, it goes outside, rather than in the household trash. The key to them is identifying the source. If you throw away anything with larvae, you'll have no more flies. Once they're gone, they'll stay least, until summer.

By the way, if you see very slightly larger, darker colored flies with hunchbacks, those aren't fruit flies, but instead are phorid flies. Phorid flies will feed on droppings, meat, any sort of random food stuff, so can be even more of a nuisance than the fruit flies. Get rid of them the same way, by removing anything they might breed in before they have a chance to complete their lifecycle.
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